Experimental medical procedure revives dead man run over by 18-wheeler after 21 days

A North Carolina man who had committed suicide by throwing himself under a semi-trailer truck has been miraculously brought back to life after 21 days following an experimental treatment.

James Willow, 47, was declared dead after jumping off of Interstate 77 bridge in Charlotte and into heavy traffic where he was run over by a semi-trailer truck.

Willow had recently lost his wife and four kids in a tragic car accident last October and planned to end his life when “the pain of living became unbearable,” he wrote in his suicide letter.

Luckily for him, paramedics were able to retrieve the man’s body from under the 60,000-pound truck and bring him to Charlotte County hospital where he was put into a comatic state and later died that evening.

“It is truly a miracle of science. I kind of feel like Dr. Frankenstein” said laughingly Dr. Otto Von Beurk at Charlotte County hospital.

James Willow was put into the care of Dr. Otto Von Beurk at Charlotte County hospital who decided to treat the dead man with an experimental drug, Trinitroperhydrotriazine, that the FDA has not yet approved for medical use.

“This new drug is comparable to nitroglycerin, but 100 times stronger. It was widely used as an explosive in World War II and remains common in military applications but is now being used in clinical trials, » Dr. Beurk explained.

Subcutaneous injection of Trinitroperhydrotriazine at the radial artery puncture site has been known to reanimate dead animals in clinical tests but never had the procedure been tested on a human being.

“The FDA interdiction applies to living human beings, not to dead people. In this case, Mr. Willow had signed his donor card and his body was thus not his property anymore but that of the medical establishment,” Dr. Beurk told reporters regarding the unusual treatment.

Although Willow has undergone massive reconstructive surgery and suffers from heavy cognitive and motor skill losses, he is apparently happy to have been given a second chance at life.

“I feel like God has given me a second chance. Maybe I can patch up my life together again and maybe start dating and meet someone new and even start a new family” he told reporters in tears, visibly emotional.

Although James Willow does not know how he will repay the $1,8 million worth of medical bills his treatment and surgery have cost him, he believes that with a “positive state of mind” no obstacle is too great to overcome.

4 Comments on "Experimental medical procedure revives dead man run over by 18-wheeler after 21 days"

  1. Those are R&D expenses. They were not used to save his life, even though it appears to have ended up that way. If anything, they will owe him a percentage of any profit to be made off of experiments done on him as compensation. Just saying he should get something if they intend to make money off of him.

  2. AloisJirasek | June 1, 2019 at 8:08 pm | Reply

    Dude kills himself, they revive him and charge him 1.8 million to pay for something he didnt want.. I would jump for the second time.

  3. Well, he shouldn’t have to pay for the medical if it was someone else’s experiment? Right!? Should he be responsible for that? It seems like he has a second lease on life just to be under a mountain of medical debt? That should be pardoned. ALL OF IT!

  4. If I came back looking like Dr. Frankenstein’s assistant as in the movie, “Young Frankenstein,” I would be mad as hell.

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