Drunken Alaska man left severely injured after sexual assault on polar bear he mistook for his wife

An Alaska man was left severely injured after mistaking his wife for a polar bear.

Alan Phelps, 63, a professional bush pilot, claims he was highly intoxicated by alcohol when he spotted what he believed to be his wife in the backyard.

Phelps then pulled down his pants and partook in full-on sexual intercourse with what he later understood to be an 800-pound polar bear.

“I thought it was my wife wearing a fur coat. She likes to grunt and make loud noises when we have sex so I thought she was trying to turn me on,” Alan Phelps, 63, explained to local reporters.

Doctor Benjamin Schultz of the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital believes Alan Phelps, 63, is lucky to be alive after he partook in a full-on sexual relationship with an 800-pound polar bear while intoxicated by alcohol.

“After several minutes of intercourse, I finally realized it wasn’t my wife and pulled out. That’s when the bear got into a mad rage and suddenly decided to attack me,” Alan Phelps told reporters, visibly happy to be alive.

Although Phelps admits he was very drunk that night, he still believes the mistake could’ve happened to anybody.

“If you knew my wife, you’d realize they share a similar character,” he told reporters jokingly.

Phelps also believes that if he hadn’t given an orgasm to the bear, the bear may well have decided to kill him.

An Alaska Wildlife Department spokesman explained that polar bears may become particularly sexually aroused during the mating season and warns residents and tourists alike to avoid any sexual interactions with the animals at all costs.

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