Doctors Confirm First Human Death Officially Caused by GMOs

Madrid | Doctors of the Carlos III hospital confirmed this morning in a press conference, the first case of human death caused by the ingestion of genetically modified food. Juan Pedro Ramos died from anaphylaxis after eating some recently developed tomatoes containing fish genes, which provoked a violent and lethal allergic reaction.

This surprising announcement comes after the autopsy of the 31-year old Spanish man who died at the Madrid hospital at the beginning of January.

The young man’s health rapidly deteriorated after he suffered an unexplained allergic reaction, and all the drugs used to refrain the anaphylaxis were entirely inefficient.

The team of experts claims to have been able to determine that the genetically modified tomatoes that the victim ingested at lunch were the cause of the allergic reaction that caused his death.

Mr. Ramos was working as a clerk in a Madrid warehouse on January 7, when he started feeling ill just after lunch.

A number of symptoms started to manifest themselves, including a violent itchy rash, some serious swelling of the throat and a drastic drop in blood pressure.

The man, who was known to have allergies, quickly injected himself some epinephrine, but his health condition continued to deteriorate.

The young man was rapidly carried to the hospital by co-workers, but the medical staff was unable to identify the cause of his allergic reaction in time and none of the usual treatments or drugs seemed to work. Mr. Ramos was confirmed dead just over an hour after arriving at the hospital.

The 31-year old man appeared healthy when he visited his family for the holidays.

The young man appeared happy and healthy when this picture was taken by his roommate, less than 24 hours before he died.

The medical examiners and forensic experts at the Carlos III hospital had to execute a lot of tests and analysis before they could precisely determine what caused Mr. Ramos to die of an allergic reaction to seafood since all he had eaten before his death was a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich with a diet cola.

They were astonished when they discovered that the tomato he had ingested, not only contained some fish-related allergens, but also some antibiotic resistant genes which had prevented Mr. Ramos’ white blood cell from saving his life.

“At first we thought that there had been some form of contamination of his food, from contact with fish or seafood during the preparation” explained Dr. Rafael Pérez-Santamarina.

“It was only when we tested the tomato itself that we noticed that it contained some allergens usually found in seafood. We did many different analysis and they all confirmed that the tomato was indeed the source of the allergens that killed Mr. Ramos.” 

Many experiments on GMOs had produced some horrible tumors and event death in rats and other lab animals, but Mr. Ramos the first known human death to have occured.

Many experiments on GMOs had produced some horrible tumors and event death in rats and other lab animals, but most genetically modified products on the market were considered to be harmless to humans.

The case of Mr. Ramos is the first human death officially confirmed to be linked to the ingestion of genetically modified food. It contradicts most studies on GMOs which had concluded that genetically engineered crops currently on the market were completely safe to eat.

A team led by University of Nebraska scientists had anticipated this kind of problem in 1996 when they found that a Brazil nut protein introduced to improve the nutritional quality of genetically modified soybeans was able to provoke an allergic reaction in people with Brazil nut allergies.

However, this kind of problem was dismissed by most scientists as very improbable, since it could easily be avoided with proper safety testing.

The soybean injected with the Brazil nut gene was indeed abandoned during development, but it seems that the genetically modified tomato that caused Mr. Ramos’ death had not been submitted to sufficient testing and the lethal risk had not been identified before it was marketed.

The Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Services, and Equality ordered for the tomatoes of Portuguese origin which infected the young man, to be recalled and removed from stores and markets for safety reasons.

More than 7,000 tons of tomatoes will, therefore, be ceased across the country by ministry inspectors and public safety officials.

The ministry also issued a public statement about the death of Mr. Ramos in which it sends its condolences to his family and adds that it will “immediately demand further research on the subject to determine if other genetically modified food products on the European market could represent a risk for the Spanish population”.

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  1. “The man, who was known to have allergies” and “the genetically modified tomato that caused Mr. Ramos’ death had not been submitted to sufficient testing”.

    For the vast majority of the population, properly tested GM foods are perfectly safe. Let’s try to keep this in perspective.

    • yes lets keep it in perspective.When they are properly tested by an outside source and they are showing health issues being caused by these foods,it’s definitely time to pay attention

  2. Indra Mohindra | March 6, 2015 at 3:40 am | Reply

    I am so sad for this tragic death of a young man. For the last three years I made special effort not to eat any GMO and non organi foods. I am a LACTO vegetarian. By doing this my overall health has improved significantly. Prior to taking this action my peak flow had gone down to a low level of 175 and within a couple of moths of stopping GMO and eating Organic foods my peak flow went up to 375.(improved significantly) Just give you a brief idea I am 78 years of age and my blood pressure is 110/63, I take no blood pressure medications. All of my medical lab tests are well within the normal limits. Twenty years ago I was in ICU unit in a hospital and now feel very healthy. I want every one to eat organic and Non GMO foods to stay healthy.

  3. Re: Dolores Claesson – Antibiotic resistant genes. Genes wouldn’t be affected by antibiotics in any organism… Best not to let the facts get in the way of your argument though…

  4. Holger Fassel | March 5, 2015 at 3:19 pm | Reply

    Well, one death after more than three decades of GMO food an trillions of served meals is still a very impressive safety record that few other foods can boast.

  5. I can’t think how it is possible to introduce genetic material from a fish in to the genetic material of any plant species . I get how the Brazil nut/Soya genetic mutation could be problematic, but plant-animal mutation?

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