Doctor gets arm stuck for 8 hours in patient’s anus during prostate exam

A Florida hospital is facing a multimillion-dollar lawsuit after one of his doctors negligently got his hand stuck in a patient’s rectal cavity for several hours after a prostate exam.

51-year old Ronald Walters presented himself last week at the Orlando Regional Medical Center for a routine exam designed to detect prostate cancer.

Unfortunately, the simple procedure rapidly took a dramatic twist when Dr. Bill H. Randall, who was performing the exam, got his right hand completely stuck in the patient’s rectum.

The two men were stuck in this very uncomfortable position for several hours until a surgeon was called to perform an incision and free his colleague.

Mr. Walters told MSNBC that he was immediately offered a financial compensation by the hospital, but preferred contacting lawyers to file a lawsuit.

“They told me they were sorry about this ‘little incident’ and offered me 25,000$. That guy had his entire forearm in my ass for 8 hours, I think it’s worth more than that!”

The 51-year old electrician says he intends to sue the hospital for more than $3 million once he recovers from his ordeal.

“I feel dirty and soiled since it happened. It felt like a rape. I will never be able to trust a doctor again. Some of the lawyers I contacted even suggested I should ask for $10 million.”

The Orlando Regional Medical Center admitted that the doctor may have made a mistake during the procedure and announced that he would be suspended until the end of the investigation on the incident.

The head of the medical staff at the Orlando Health Medical Center, Andrew Cheatham, met the media this morning to announce the temporary suspension of Dr. Randall and offer his sympathies to the patient.

Prostate exams are extremely common medical procedures in most developed countries, and complications are extremely rare.

Only one out of every 47,500 exams is reported to cause complications and most of these involve hemorrhoids or minor infections, often linked to insufficient sanitization.

However, a few other incidents of negligence have been reported over the last few years, some leading to important financial compensations.

In 2005, a Florida doctor lost a ring inside a patient’s rectum while performing a similar exam. A similar incident was reported in California in 2011 and lead to a $2.7M settlement.


4 Comments on "Doctor gets arm stuck for 8 hours in patient’s anus during prostate exam"

  1. Maybe if the patient wasn’t such a tightass, this wouldn’t happen

  2. I can see using two fingers to give the patient a second opinion, but a whole hand? That’s just overkill

  3. Why pasty? Why | June 1, 2019 at 9:12 pm | Reply

    10million dollars?. The trauma should be compensated, but he is still able bodied. The US’s suing culture has gone bonkers. People successfully suing gadget companies for millions for sticking items where they have no business.

  4. Dr Tapas Ranjan Gupta | September 26, 2018 at 6:56 pm | Reply

    I fail to understand how DRE can cause such a havock . Interested to know the details.

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