DNA Tests Prove Retired Postman Has Over 1,300 Illegitimate Children

Nashville, TN | An 87-year-old former postman has been proven to have fathered over 1,300 illegitimate children after a private investigator hired by a Tennessee family discovered the shocking truth.

The investigation that has gathered thousands of DNA samples and testimonies over a 15-year period ultimately proves the man is the father to literally thousands of illegitimate children in the region.

“Contraception wasn’t very popular in those days” he told local reporters in his defence.

“I have nothing to be ashamed of. The 60s were the good old days and I did a great Johnny Cash impression which played out real good with the ladies,” he explained.

“Some even thought I was Johnny Cash for real,” he recalls laughingly.

“I don’t know if they really believed it or if they were trying to convince themselves, but who was I to say no to a quickie?” he acknowledged.


Author Anthony Kendall has teamed up with private investigator Sid Roy and will publish the results of the 15-year investigation next fall in an upcoming book

Unraveling the truth

Private investigator Sid Roy could never have imagined a simple gig would end up in a 15-year quest for the truth.

“It all started in 2001 when two different men that had nothing to do with each other hired me to find their biological father. I was astounded after further investigation to realize they both originated from the same person” he explained.

“That is when the mystery started unraveling and it became a personal mission of mine, whenever I had some free time, I’d try and track down other testimonies.”

“Eventually, DNA testing became really cheap and easy to use and helped me gather a lot of information in the latest years,” he acknowledged.

No lawsuit in sight

The private investigator says the children of the old man don’t intend to pursue any lawsuit against the old man.

“Most people who are aware of the truth don’t want this information to get out and have given anonymous testimonies,” he explains.

“The truth unleashed could break up hundreds or more families and that’s definitely not the point of all these years of research. All I know is that most people are glad to know the truth and don’t bear any grudge against the old man, I guess it was a more common practice in those days,” he acknowledges.

Although DNA testing and testimonies point out to over 1,300 illegitimate children fathered by the retired postman, Sid Roy believes there could be much more.

“I’ve spent 15 years of my own personal time into this, I think it’s enough,” he admits.

“But my research clearly shows there could be many more children,” he told local reporters, although he declined to comment if the numbers were in the hundreds or thousands more.

18 Comments on "DNA Tests Prove Retired Postman Has Over 1,300 Illegitimate Children"

  1. I thought the postman was only supposed to ring twice??

  2. Incest is bound to happen.

  3. Alexandra Rodda | March 1, 2016 at 2:46 am | Reply

    It would be a great thing is scientific research was done to discover the prevalence of recessive genes in the community where he worked and to compare this with several other communities, just in case there are more like him doing the same thing.
    There will be a lot of consanguinity there and I’ve seen some dreadful congenital diseases and abnormalities from small hillbilly type communities where incest is common. One woman was very disabled intellectually and had heart, bowel and kidney abnormalities. Huntington’s chorea also loves to pup up in such situations. In fact there are numerous deleterious recessive genes which normally don’t affect the offspring because they are covered by the healthy opposite gene from the other parent who is not related to the parent with the deleterious gene.
    For this reason I can’t accept this as just fun for the old man. Irresponsibility is what I would call this.

    • Lynda Hershey | March 1, 2016 at 11:20 pm |

      I agree with you wholeheartedly, incredibly irresponsible.

    • Bonnie Mc | March 4, 2016 at 6:56 pm |

      If you’re right, Alexandra, it helps explain at least 1300 of the votes that Trump has received.

    • Totally agree with you,
      STDs and genetic abnormalities,
      People need to be faithfull to each other

    • the old man not to blame. he was horny and found some horny women and plenty of free time. the last thing on his mind was getting the bitches pregnant.

    • What does incest have to do with this? Your post was a lot of irrelevant words. 2 minutes of our life we’ll never get back. BORING. Like to hear yourself talk?

    • Perhaps the ladies should have been a Lady and kept her legs crossed. It takes two to tango! Both were irresponsible especially the women who cared nothing for the children they would bear from this sexual encounter and it’s siblings.

    • Silvia Kuna | April 10, 2017 at 12:22 pm |

      Interesting point of view. Just one nitpick: the genes for Huntington’s are dominant, not recessive.

    • I agree!

    • Michelle K | April 21, 2017 at 3:28 am |

      @Cyndi J… 1300 children not knowing who their father is, its very likely 2 or even more, may enter into a relationship or marriage and have children, thats incest. Of course they would not know but its still incest. Quite simple, its not Rocket Science

  4. Hydro MegaSchlong | March 1, 2016 at 12:58 am | Reply

    Good for you post man…housewives take it anywhere they can get it. Time to relocate to Nashville since the bar has been set. 1400 kids here I come 😉

  5. That’s awesome. Great way to make your work fun.

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