Dental patient under general anesthesia wakes up with toothbrush in her vagina

An Ohio woman has pressed sexual assault charges against her dentist after she woke up from a root canal treatment to find out she had a toothbrush placed inside her vagina.

Annabelle Carlin, 38, claims she was to undergo a root canal treatment when dentist Giórgos Mitsotákis, 56, injected her a light sedative.

Carlin believes she was unconscious for over half an hour before she woke up to find she had a toothbrush in her vagina.

“I woke up drowsy and with a slight headache and the first thing I realize is this uncomfortable feeling in my crotch. I reached down to find a toothbrush inside me,” Annabelle Carlin told reporters in tears.

Giórgos Mitsotákis’s lawyer, Konstantínos Koutsoúmbas, says the whole incident is a terrible misunderstanding and that the toothbrush must have slipped from his client’s hands and into his patient’s genitals.

“I had no panties on, so I looked for them around the room and found a drawer with maybe 40 pairs of different panties and eventually found the ones that belonged to me” Carlin recounted, visibly distressed.

To make things worse, Carlin also realized on the way home that the dentist had inserted other objects inside her genitals.

“On the ride back home, I realized that he had squirted toothpaste inside me and in the shower, I realized I had like a twelve-foot-long string of dental floss inside my anus” she added, in horror.

Giórgos Mitsotákis, 56, is presently under Springfield police custody and could face multiple sexual assault charges as police say there may be more victims and are urging anyone with information to come forward.

In 2017, one of Mitsotákis’s patients also claimed that he had found pubic hairs in his mouth after undergoing general anesthesia as well but charges were eventually dropped after an out-of-court settlement was reached by both parties.

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