Denmark government temporarily legalizes ‘sex with domestic animals’ during confinement

The Denmark government has passed a temporary law making bestiality legal once again in the country.

Denmark had become one of the last European countries to ban bestiality in 2015 but parliamentarians chose to suspend the law this week for an undetermined period of time.

Police forces in Copenhague were overwhelmed by citizens denouncing their neighbors having sex with their domestic animals during the confinement, forcing Parliament to temporarily legalize bestiality until the pandemic is over.

“I would rather my citizens having sexual intercourse with their domestic animals, and enjoying themselves during the confinement than to go completely insane with boredom,” said Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen.

Health Minister of Denmark, Magnus Heunicke, said that bestiality, although illegal, has been shown to lower blood pressure and symptoms of anxiety and depression and is now part of the stress-relieving approach the government is taking during the confinement.

“Multiple studies indicate that sexual intercourse with pets is a powerful form of stress relief, lowering not only blood pressure but also harmful stress hormones associated with depression and anxiety, and elevating beneficial ones linked to happiness and relaxation,” Health Minister Heunicke explained.

When asked if the law could be sustained indefinitely after the pandemic, Prime Minister Frederiksen said she was not closed to the idea.

“Many things will change after the end of the pandemic, maybe the population will wish to carry on with such practices. The people will decide,” Frederiksen told reporters.

Imam Mohammed Eriksson Shroeder, a representative of the Danish Shia Muslim community, praised the announcement and said it was great news for the Shia and Sunni Muslim communities alike explaining that the practice had always conformed to Islamic law “if, and only, the animal is butchered after the sexual act.”

9 Comments on "Denmark government temporarily legalizes ‘sex with domestic animals’ during confinement"

  1. As a Dane, this is gold.

  2. This is sick —animals have feelings –you discusting me —

  3. They should be castrated if they can’t control themselves from RAPING unconsenting innocent sentient animals. And why are or why will they be letting RAPISTS run around free?

  4. What a primitive government is Denmark! Fredericksen and Heunicke are village idiot troglodytes who are catering to the lowest scum of the Danish population. How insane to subject innocent animals to rape and possible maiming and death just so crazed monsters can do as they please to them. So I guess it’s perfectly lawful for a big, ugly penis to be shoved into a female cat. Barbaric societies never give the innocent and defenseless a voice. May the Danish majority throw these two demons out of office and may they receive the KARMA their low consciousness deserves.

  5. This is so sick …Sex With Animals !! POOR POOR ANIMALS .Heunicke is a sick Monster .Hope he will get his ugly P….cut off .They should All be Struck with KARMA.How can this be Allowed.

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