Delaware judge rules that man’s “affair” with Baby Yoda doll doesn’t classify as adultery

The judge in a divorce case in Dover, Delaware, rejected a woman’s claim that her husband’s repeated sexual activities with a plush Yoda figure count as adultery and a violation of their wedding contract.

31-year old Johanna Brookes claimed that her husband, 34-year old Brian Ingram, had been totally ignoring her since she gave him a Baby Yoda for his birthday in July.

Ms. Brookes said he spent all of his time with the plush figure, dressing it up and putting makeup on it.

“He’d put lipstick and a wig on it all the time, then he’d call it “Kinky Baby” and roleplay that it was his girlfriend.”

She claims Mr. Ingram also had sex with the doll several times a day, often in front of her.

“While watching tv, and he’d put the doll on his dick, mimicking it giving him a blowjob. That happened at least 3 times a day.”

Judge Reginald Franklin ruled that Mr. Ingram’s behavior was “unquestionably disturbing and worthy of divorce” but that it doesn’t legally classify as adultery.

Despite the favorable ruling, Mr. Ingram was hiding his face from the cameras as he left the courthouse, visibly humiliated by his wife’s revelations.

This unusual divorce case has drawn a lot of media attention in recent weeks, as both parties have made shocking revelations about the other in a fight for a fortune of more than $50 million.

The terms of the couple’s wedding contract with finally be applied, putting an end to a long and vicious legal battle.

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