D.C.: White woman brutally arrested in her own home after being mistaken for a black looter

Washington, D.C. | A Caucasian woman says she was brutalized, handcuffed, and arrested in her own home last night by officers of the DC police and the DC National guard who mistakenly believed she was an Afro-American looter.

Around 11 pm last night, officers of the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia and DC National Guard military police were called to a luxurious residence of the Kalamora neighborhood where neighbors had reported seeing “a black looter”.

41-year old Laura Kennedy was quietly watching tv in her living room when over 80 law enforcement officers broke through the residence’s five doors and invested her home.

“They arrived from everywhere with their guns pointed at me. One of them kicked me to the ground and they threw themselves at me.”

Ms. Kennedy says she was kicked, punched, and brutally handcuffed and was verbally abused when she asked for explanations.

“I tried to explain that this was my house, but they wouldn’t listen. They called me “nigger” several times and repeated that the house belonged to a white couple.”

Ms. Kennedy was arrested and held for eight hours, until her lawyers showed up and obtained her release this morning.

DC Police Chief Peter Newsham defended the officers’ intervention, explaining they had the right to protect property as well as citizens and acted on information suggesting she that was a criminal.

Laura Kennedy says a few implicated officers offered her excuses but says they minimized the abuse she suffered and even blamed her use of tanning lotion for the whole “incident”.

The 41-year old lobbyist says the incident made her “see first-hand the racism and brutality of the police forces.”

Ms. Kennedy says she is already consulting her lawyers about suing the “DC Police Department’s pant’s off!”


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