Couple stuck together for 16 hours after mistaking super glue for lubricant

San Francisco, CA | A San Francisco couple was hospitalized for an excruciating 16 hours this week at San Francisco’s General Hospital after mistaking an industrial adhesive with sexual lubricant.

Matthew Kensworth, 39, and Jamie Loon, 37, called emergency services after realizing they were literally glued together and were unable to detach themselves from one another.

One of their friends allegedly filled a bottle of lubricant with a strong adhesive as a prank but eventually felt horrible when he learned about the 16-hour-long hospitalization that later occurred.

“It was important to proceed with as much care as possible not to permanently damage or tear the skin from the anal region,” Dr. Anna Schubert at San Francisco’s General Hospital told reporters.

Dr. Anna Schubert supervised the 16-hour-long operation in which acetone was placed on the couple’s genitals and anal region to “unglue” both men apart.

“As horrible as this experience was, I think it definitely brought us closer together. No pun intended,” Loon told reporters in tears.

Although the couple literally went through an agonizing 16 hours of hospitalization, they have decided not to press charges against their friend.

The couple has also started a crowdfunding page on GoFundMe to help pay for the $58,000 hospital bill and have raised a total of $1,200 over 48 hours.

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