Couple reported missing while having sex in Miami River, disguised as dolphins

A couple from Florida is reported missing after deciding to have sex in the Miami River while wearing dolphin mascot costumes.

27-year old Steve Bernards and 25-year Erica Sanders are an adventurous couple known for posting videos of their various outdoor sexual experiences on various pornographic sites.

Yesterday afternoon, the couple set out to have sex in the Miami River while wearing some full-body dolphin costumes, planning to film themselves for their online fans. Unfortunately, things didn’t go quite as planned.

According to Robert McCullers, who was fishing with his son and saw the couple head out in the water, the two suddenly disappeared in the river, as if they were being pulled under by an alligator.

“We saw them head out in the water. They looked fine for a minute, but then the guy disappeared under the water. The girl started screaming, but she was gone too a few seconds later.”

Mr. McCullers says he and several other fishermen headed out in the couple’s direction but were unable to locate them.

“We kept looking in the area for more than three hours but all we found were a blood-covered fin and an eye from their costumes.”

Divers of the Miami Police Departments were looking for the couple’s remains in the Miami River. a few hours after the incident.

Swimming while wearing a mascot costume is certainly not recommended, but several Americans keep taking risks and doing it, leading to an average of 37 death per year in the U.S.

Although most of these deaths are caused by drowning, demises caused by shark and alligator attacks are not uncommon either.

In 2017, a transspecies man swimming near Pensacola while wearing a latex shark costume was accidentally harpooned by agents of the U.S. Coast guard trying to protect swimmers at a nearby beach.

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  1. People that ugly should avoid having sex outdoors.

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