Cops beat up teen after bank teller mistakes his erection for a pistol

Detroit, MI | A 17-year-old teenager is now lying in critical condition at the Detroit Medical Center after he was believed to be attempting a holdup at the Detroit Liberty Bank and was shot at twelve times by police officers.

Jamal Freeman was brutally beaten by six police officers after trying to flee the scene until he surrendered and was arrested six blocks away report officials.

The 17-year-old, that miraculously survived the salvo of gunshots, currently lies in an artificially induced comatic state and has now officially been cleared of all charges of bank robbery.

Camera footage showed that the young man was apparently in full erection while waiting in line and thus confused the bank teller in thinking he was concealing a weapon in his pants.

” He reached for something in his pants, I thought it was a gun 

– Sandy Heinrich, bank teller

Bank teller Sandy Heinrich, 83, immediately pushed the alert button which brought intervention by two bank security guards and eventually six police officers only minutes later

Bank teller, Sandy Heinrich, immediately pushed the alarm button which brought the intervention of two security guards and eventually six police officers only minutes later

Persecuted because he’s black

His mother, Jennabelle Freeman, says her son is a victim of racist discrimination and that all this would not have happened if he had been white.

“Of course black people have larger penises, it ain’t no freakin’ reason to shoot at them,” she told reporters in tears.

“Jamal has always had a very, very large penis, even when he was just a kid, his dad had even nicknamed him the Big Black Boa” she recalls, in despair.

“Never would I have thought he would get harmed in any way because of this,” she said.

Eyewitness testimony and camera footage inside the bank clearly attest to the fact that the teenager had been “sturdily manipulating his penis with both of his hands” on the scene corroborated officials.

Although no weapons were found on the suspect, officials have confirmed that charges for public indecency could still be pressed against him.

5 Comments on "Cops beat up teen after bank teller mistakes his erection for a pistol"

  1. I guess the banks will have to come up with another rule….
    1. No weapons
    2. No wearing hoodies over your head
    3. Keep your hands off you penis while in the bank…lol.
    4. You’re exempt if you have a little penis….lol.

  2. That’s totally unacceptable. Even if he is charged for the so called “public indecency “, what happens to be grevious bodly harm that he has gone through? The authorities concerned should be sued.

  3. At this point, “let just start gunning down lets cops left and right” won’t just be a passing thought.

  4. Lord have mercy on our youths.
    Prayer for him everyone.

  5. It’s a shame yes. But why does it have to be a black and white thing. It very well could have happened to a white boy too. Too many play the black and white thing. We are all equal. I hate that the young man had this happen. Not all whites are racist. I grew up with my best friend who is black. I went to a prominently black school. Not all whites are racist. That’s like saying all blacks are racist and they aren’t. I’m praying for this young man that he heals and makes a full recovery. Dear lord help this young man, heal him so he may go home to his family. Bless his family with his recovery so he can grow up to be a old man with family to grow old with. Amen

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