Colorado man claims he was held 2 weeks as a sex slave by a grizzly bear

A man from the small town of Gould, just North of the Rocky Mountain National Park, claims he was held captive and repeatedly raped by a male grizzly bear.

According to 47-year Boris Madison, he was hiking alone in the woods near his residence when he was savagely attacked by a 900-lb brown bear.

“It came out of nowhere and started running towards me. I tried to flee but it caught me and started beating me with its front paws.”

Mr. Madison said he feared for his life, but that the animal suddenly stopped hitting him and picked him up in its jaws.

The bear carried him in a nearby cave and began his sexual assaults on the poor man.

“When he dropped me in the cave, I thought I was going to be devoured. But instead, it pinned me face down with one of its paws and started scrubbing its genitals all over me.” 

Boris Madison claims he was held captive in that cave for 16 days, and that the animal sexually assaulted him at least three times a day.

He was finally able to get away when the sounds of gunshots from nearby hunters scared the animal away, allowing the poor man to flee from his prison.

Mr. Madison was covered with lacerations and suffered from severe dehydration when he made it back to town last week and was rapidly transported to the hospital.

Boris Madison says he feels lucky to be alive, even if the memories of his ordeal will haunt him for the rest of his life.

Grizzly bear attacks are rather rare across North America, even if an average of two people are killed every year in such incidents.

Most attacks result from a bear being surprised at a very close range, especially if in the case of female grizzlies protecting their offspring

This is only the second reported case of a bear sexual assaulting a human.

The first incident was reported in Montana in 2009 when two teenagers were assaulted in a similar manner by a young male grizzly bear.

The animal was then hunted down and killed by Montana Wildlife agents.

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