Church of Donald Trump and Confirmation Day Saints legally recognized as religion by Utah court

A new religion preaching that Donald Trump is a Messiah sent by God to liberate the world from a Satan-worshipping cabal of pedophiles and worships the protesters who stormed the Capitol as saints and martyrs has obtained official legal recognition this morning in Utah.

The Church of Donald Trump and Confirmation Day Saints (CDTCDS) is a new religion counting over 17,000 adepts with congregations in 31 States across the U.S.

It’s openly linked to the QAnon movement, considering a summary titled “The Gospel of QAnon” as one of its holy texts, along with the Christian Bible and an integral transcription of President Trump’s tweets titled “Covfefe”.

The District Court of Utah granted the new religion a non-profit organization status and a tax-exemption, recognizing the church met enough criteria to be considered a distinct and official religion.

The court noted that the CDTCDS has sufficient religious literature, a sufficiently organized worship, and “a well-defined clerical structure of ordained ministers under a distinct clerical government“, making it eligible to the status of an officially recognized religion.

The founder and Archdeacon of the church, Mr. Tim Smith, described the judgment as a “gift from God to assist this crusade for truth.

“Democrats try to pretend that Trump is the bad guy so they can keep molesting and sacrificing children in secret. God wants the truth to come out so the real President can come back and finish draining the swamp.”

Mr. Smith denies insists that his movement is religious rather than political, saying the church considers that Trump is “a divine prophet whose word is God’s will” rather than a politician.

“This man did more for humanity than Jesus! He doesn’t simply deserve unconditional support, but religious worship.”

CDTCDS lawyer and deacon of Salt Lake City, Mr. Eric Stanford, was happy with the judgment, calling it “a great day for freedom of religion in America“.

The recognition of the CDTCDS generated a lot of reaction on social media, both from supporters and opponents.

Many organizations, including the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the NAACP, have criticized the court’s decision.

The DNC even said it is considering its options to repeal this judgment which “legitimizes an organization which promotes an openly anti-democratic agenda and worships right-wings terrorists as saints“.


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