Chinese Lunar Rover Finds No Evidence Of American Moon Landings

Beijing | Top officials of the Chinese Space Program have come out this morning and expressed their feelings that the American moon landings “were a complete hoax” reports the Beijing Daily Express.

200 high-ranking officials from the Chinese Space Program have signed a petition asking explanations from the American government and the release of classified NASA information concerning the American moon landings that would prove to the World that the moon landings were not an elaborately orchestrated hoax to fool the World about America’s space program capabilities.

These allegations have come up through recent analysis of pictures taken from the Chinese moon rover that allegedly found no traces of the American moon landings existing on the moon.


Pictures taken from Yutu, the Chinese moon rover, that has landed on the moon in 2013, allegedly shows no proof whatsoever of the American moon landings ever happening

World renowned Russian nuclear engineer Yury Ignatyevich Mukhin has also signed the petition as well as a dozen other top Russian engineers and ex-KGB agents claiming the Russian Government “had always been aware of the situation since the early 1970’s”

These recent discoveries could strangely give credence to conspiracy theorists whom have claimed for decades that America had never gone to the moon but that the American moon landings were but an elaborate hoax to foul Russia into the space race and eventually, the nuclear arms race, with the purpose of ruining Russia, much like the financing of the Mujahideen forces during the Soviet Afghanistan war successfully achieved.

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  1. I have a feeling this was the purpose of the trip. If you landed a mile from my house, you would find no evidence of it. Apparently, therefore, it does not exist.Silly children.

    • BUT… if you live in the middle of a dessert in a vacuum… So no wind, no rain and no other influences of the wheater… Then you MIGHT find some evidence that you have been there…

      And anyways, we know the exact location of the flag… It is even in the public domain, so I dont think that the Chinese are THAT dumb, that they landed a mile a way from that site. And then went like: “Huh?! There’s nothing here, you guys!”

      And the Apollo mission left a whole lot more then just a flag by the way… It should be very obvious, where they landed… There at the Sea of Tranquility.

    • Oh Roel, the fact that you think that any space program is able to land a ship within a mile of another is simply flattering. If we could land a ship within 10 miles of another that’d be considered to be extremely precise. Also, since we’re throwing wild, and extremely autistic comments all willy nilly, how do you know that the Chinese actually landed on the moon? The way I see it, just because I can’t see Singapore, doesn’t mean Singapore doesn’t exist. If you would please you that peculiarly off mind of yours and actually give this topic some logical, and reasonable thought.

    • Captain_Pudding | January 24, 2016 at 4:31 am |

      Uhm, RoelPlz, Apollo 12 was able to land so close to Surveyor 3 they walked over to it and brought some pieces back.

    • Apollo 15 landed in the SouthEast of Mare Imbrium and the Chinese rover landed in the north. It appears they are many miles apart with a mountain range between them.

  2. Im rolling in my grave.

  3. they left the MOONBUGGY i thought

  4. no flag no foot prints no macas wrappers anywhere………..

    • I can go to the middle of the Mohave Desert and not find any traces of Walt Disney World. Does that mean Walt Disney World does not exist?

    • My name’s Ed and I’m an idiot.

    • Once more because it needs to be pointed out again…

      HI my name is Ed and I am a total idiot.

      Hi Ed, my name is Miss B and I think you should go back to the Mohave Desert and keep looking. I would usually never respond to something like this, but your comment was so egregiously dumb, I simply couldn’t resist! Aloha!

    • Hello, I’m speaking on behalf of Med and Missy B today. They want you all to know that they are very uneducated and sorry that they even decided to post here; they even went as far as saying they’d delete their comments but they forgot their gosh darn logins.

      Our Regulars,
      Med and Missy B

    • I think Ed makes a grew point. Unless there was a thorough search, nothing can be deduced by China not seeing evidence of prior human activity.

    • No moon rover, no flag, no debris at the Sea of tranquility where the US astronauts landed… The Chinese went there because they wanted political leverage to embarrass NASA and the US. Russians just hate America out of bitterness for being out-foxed.

  5. Ever wondered why we have not been back to the Moon, we should have a colony there by now

    • it didnt say where they landed

    • Look for either a “golf ball” or a “Coke can”

    • didnt they leave a flag stuck in the moon?

    • Zulghaffar Jantan | October 12, 2014 at 4:11 am |

      To create a colony, the planet needs to have characteristics similar to Earth. 1st fundamental criteria is it needs to rotate on its axis and also rotate the sun. The moon fails in both aspects, so there’s not much incentive to colonize perhaps more or academic reasons. Mars is closest to Earth and satisfies criteria above, that’s why several missions have been sent to investigate Mars for potential life being.

    • Bengt Mangs | October 12, 2014 at 8:19 am |

      Bengt Mr Zulghaffar Janta: If the planet Tellus rotate the Sun, so is the Moon, they are partners in crime….

    • Not when most of the tax money collected is given out in welfare, foreign aid and useless wars.

    • Sorry, the USSR was destroyed by central planning and the resulting economic distortion, not by the US space program.

    • There are settlements, colonies on the back side of the moon by many extraterrestrials and the secret space program from earth.

    • @ Zulghaffar Jantan — The moon DOES ROTATE, just at the same rate it orbits Earth. You should always take a few moments to research statements you intend to post online, otherwise you are the only one who is convinced you know what you are talking about.

    • the moon the moon…made in america,…if so much was made in come every item i pick at random THE TAG SAYS made in asia china taiwan ……..

    • there’s no money in it, only used to distract us after the banks killed kennedy. duh.

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