China: New controversial law makes sex toys of “non-Chinese size” illegal to stop exodus of young women

The Chinese government announced this morning its intent to regulate the size of sex toys in the country as part of a large program to rectify the country’s demographic gender imbalance.

With this new law coming into force tomorrow throughout China, all sex toys representing male genital organs become strictly regulated.

All models longer than 6 centimeters (2.5 inches) or with a diameter of more than 3.5 centimeters (1.5 inches) are strictly prohibited and the possession of such items is liable to a fine of ¥10,000 ($1,500) per item.

The same penalty applies for any model “allowing more than 12 minutes of continual use without softening or deflating” to represent the “average sexual vitality” of Chinese men.

In a long speech broadcasted on the state-controlled media, Wengwai Ju, a spokesman for the Ministry of Justice, praised the controversial law as a key part of a larger program to rectify the gender imbalance in China.

“We have to protect China from the perverted sex industry, which spreads unrealistic expectations among Chinese women and encourages them to leave the country.”

The government also announced various financial incentives for young women from a list of 11 Asian countries to move to China and marry Chinese men.

Several feminist organizations in China and across the world already reacted to the controversial program. The largest women’s organization in China, the All-China Women’s Federation (ACWF) published a communiqué saying the law will have the opposite effect.

“Chinese women are already frustrated and suffering from too much control. Those who are dissatisfied at home will now have to flee China just to find decent sex toys to compensate.”

Several demonstrations took place across China to denounce the new governmental program. Chinese feminist organizations say the government is avoiding the real problem and should address the disappearance of millions of baby girls instead of regulating sex toys.

China suffers from a distorted population sex ratio in which the number of males far outweighs the number of females by an estimated 35 to 55 million, a disproportion that causes several problems.

Domestic abuse, prostitution, and human trafficking are encouraged by excessive male celibacy, and the government clearly intends to try to solve the problem.

It remains unclear if the drastic measures put in place will achieve their objectives or have an adverse effect on an already problematic situation.

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