Chemotherapy patient beaten up by Antifa mob after being mistaken for Neo-Nazi skinhead

A 37-year-old chemotherapy patient was savagely beaten by what he describes as an “Antifa mob” as he was escorted by his 74-year-old mother in a wheelchair out of the hospital.

Derrick Johnson, 37, who has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer had just undergone his third session of chemotherapy at the Providence Cancer Center in East Portland when the attack occurred.

Only moments after exiting the hospital, he and his mother were separated by a mob of protesters dressed in black as he was thrown off of his wheelchair and onto the street asphalt.

“They surrounded me and started chanting KKK, called me a Nazi Trump supporter and told me to go back to Germany,” he told reporters, legitimately scared for his life.

Derrick Johnson was greeted by what he describes as an “angry Antifa mob”, separated from his 74-year-old mother and “thrown off of his wheelchair” after being mistaken for a white supremacist because of his shaved head due to chemotherapy.

“I kept telling them I voted for Hillary, then one of them kicked me in the gut and told me I should’ve voted for Bernie Sanders instead” he recalled, visibly still in pain.

Johnson says they called him a “white piece of trash” and blamed him for “everything that had happened to the human race, from slavery to the Holocaust” but said the people surrounding him “where all white people themselves.”

To make matters worse, Johnson was also arrested by Portland police for disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct as well as detained several hours but charges against him were eventually dropped after he clarified his story and no charges are presently held against him.

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