Catholic priest hospitalized to have a crucifix removed from his rectum

Boston | A 57-year old Catholic priest was admitted at the Boston Medical Center this morning under very embarrassing circumstances.

Father Wendel O’Connor was rushed to the hospital after he called 911 to report that he had “fallen in the shower” and had a 10-inch long crucifix stuck in his anal cavity.

The radiographs of his abdomen revealed that he, indeed, had a large religious symbol stuck in his rectum.

Doctor James Shephard, who treated Father O’Connor, says he was shocked when he saw the x-ray pictures.

“Being a Catholic myself, I found it very disturbing to see such a sacred object in a cleric’s rectum. I found it very shocking that someone could love Jesus that way.” 

After an extremely delicate 8 hour surgery, doctors were finally able to manually extract the crucifix.

“It took many hours and a lot of efforts to get it out of there. We had to make a few incisions to make his anus big enough to get it out. Honestly, I am still trying to figure out how he got it in.”

Dr Shephard says this particular Rectal Foreign Body Removal (RFBR) surgery was one of the most complex intervention he’s performed in his career.


According to Doctor Shephard, the crucifix’s shape made its extraction particularly complicated.

Father Wendel O’Connor refused to answer any questions, saying only that he had “an accident in the shower” and the “there was nothing sexual” in his situation.

The priest’s case comes with a particular context which has drawn a lot of media attention to it, but it’s actually common for people to get object stuck in their rear ends.

Every year, an average of 5 687 Americans show up at the hospital with various objects stuck in their anal cavities. Some of these cases have drawn a lot of media attention over recent years.

In October 2016, a mother of one from Wallasey in England, was rushed to the hospital to have a large vibrator taken out of her rectum.

In 2015, a 27-year-old unemployed American man went to the hospital with lower abdominal discomfort following an injection of a liquid adhesive in his anal cavity, five hours earlier.

Other objects reportedly found in people’s anal cavities include light bulbs, bottles, cell phones, various animals and even a Buzz Lightyear figurine.

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  1. I’m a Catholic and that fucking priest should be thrown in jail just like burning out nations flag what the fuck is this world coming to !!!! Makes me SICK

  2. Dumb rector wrecked rectum sect

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