Canadians face major donut shortage after first day of cannabis legalization

The legalization of marijuana in Canada had unintended consequences on several Tim Horton’s stores which were forced to close because of shortages in donuts and pastries.

17 Tim Horton’s in seven different provinces were forced to close earlier than usual for lack of staff and the shortage of donuts and pastries has reported one spokesman for the company.

Tim Horton spokesman James Dyke said that he had no explanation for the unexpected hike in demand for goods offered by the popular coffee shop franchise but that some had suggested it could be linked to the recent legalization of cannabis.

“Several of the stores which experienced abnormally high demand are in fact located near places where cannabis is legally sold,” he told reporters.

Several donut and pastry displays were emptied in a matter of minutes one Tim Horton employee reported.

“It was like a mob of zombies. I even saw one man steal another client’s box of donuts and run out of the store with it,” one employee told reporters, visibly amused.

Tim Horton’s head office in Oakville has also sent emails to its franchisees warning them of possible flour shortages in the upcoming weeks due to the unexpected hike in demand.

The head office also suggested hiring more staff at certain high traffic locations and even suggested posting security guards at highly crowded intersections in areas such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.

On Wednesday, Canada became the first G7 nation and second country in the entire world after Uruguay to legalize the recreational use of cannabis.

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