Canadian man granted medically assisted suicide after being bullied all his life as a redhead

A Canadian man has successfully met the criteria required by Health Canada for medically assisted suicide after waiting for two excruciating years he told the Calgary Times.

Anthony McDonald, 36, claims he has been bullied all of his life for being a redhead and that this “atypical medical condition” has made his life “unbearable.”

McDonald explained that he is unable to build any serious relationship with persons of the other sex or even have consensual sexual relations with women because of “the orange-colored hair covering his body and genital area.”

“When I get naked, women just start laughing at my orange pubic hairs and leave the room. I’ve only had sex with color blind or blind women, even fat women will not sleep with me,” McDonald told reporters in tears.

Anthony McDonald explained that bullying started at an early age and has followed him all of his life, claiming that any intimate relationship was made impossible by his atypical medical condition and that even sex workers refused money or drugs for sex with him.

“I’d rather have been born gay AND black than to have been born a redhead,” he told reporters, visibly in agony.

Although McDonald admits he will miss playing Fortnite and eating Twizzlers, his favorite brand of candy, he claims that he can’t wait to “put an end to this life of misery and solitary masturbation.”

A Health Canada spokesman explained when reached by phone that his demand “met the strict criteria of the federal law” and that there was “no good reason to repudiate his demand.”

Anthony McDonald is the first person to successfully apply for medically assisted suicide for reasons of color but this case could open the door to other similar requests believe legal experts.

Red hair is a medical condition that occurs in one to two percent of the human population and is characterized by high levels of the reddish pigment pheomelanin and relatively low levels of the dark pigment eumelanin.

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