Canadian hunters shoot down a terrifying 45-lbs mosquito

Canadian hunters shot an extremely surprising and disturbing prey yesterday while they were looking for wild turkeys near the banks of the Harricana River.

Brian McAllister and Frank Morrison were spending the week near Amos, in the Canadian province of Quebec, to indulge in their favorite hobby.

They were hiding in a cache waiting for their targets when they were suddenly attacked by gigantic flying insects.

The two men claim that three giant insects, looking like dog-sized mosquitoes, stormed them and tried to kill them.

According to Mr. Morrison, the largest of the three insects probably weighed more than 100 pounds.

“They were really huge! These things would surely have drained us completely of our blood if we hadn’t defended ourselves.”

The two men fired on almost 20 occasions to defend themselves and managed to shoot down one of the creatures, which drove its congeners away.

“We shot each of them at least twice, but that didn’t stop them. That was the smallest one, and it took six bullets before it finally fell. “

The picture of the two men with their strange hunting trophy quickly went viral on the internet and caught the attention of several scientists.

Biologists from the University of Montreal were dispatched on site this morning to inspect the remains of this unique specimen.

They concluded that the dead insect is indeed a mosquito, despite being considerably larger than most specimens of its kind.

The monstrous creature weighs over 47 pounds and the two men who killed it claim that it was the smallest of their three aggressors.

Biology professor and insect specialist, Bernard Morin, believes that an insect of this size could completely drain a deer of its blood in less than five minutes.

The Canadian province of Quebec has been recognized worldwide for decades for the quantity and voracity of its mosquitoes.

However, this is the first time that an insect of this size is killed in the region, the previous record being an 11-pound specimen that was killed in 2005.

Some experts believe that this sudden and spectacular increase in the size of Canadian mosquitoes could be due to climate change.

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