Canadian man born with micropenis is denied legally assisted suicide

Toronto | A 28-year-old man is pleading the Canadian government to reconsider its decision not to allow him assisted suicide because he was born with a micropenis.

Josh McDermott, 28, says he has suffered extreme psychological distress because of his handicap, also known as microphallus, a genetic predisposition that gives an individual an unusually small penis.

“It’s so small I can barely see it” he complained on YouTube this week.

“I can’t even pee standing up, I have to sit down or I pee all over myself. I feel emasculated,” he explained.

“Sometimes I even wish I was born with a vagina instead,” he said in tears.


Josh McDermott’s doctor, Andrew Johnson, claims surgeons from all over the world have come to the same conclusion that his genitals are too small for any possible intervention

A life of celibacy

The young man claims that his medical condition prevents him from having any form of consensual relationship and to find true love.

“How do you want me to keep a girlfriend? As soon as I drop my pants, they all start laughing,” he says.

“One girl even asked me if it was a vagina,” he recalled in agony.

A miserable existence

Dr. Andrew Johnson admits his patient has suffered the consequences of his condition throughout his lifetime.

“It really is a genetic disposition that is unforgiving and which has a major impact on my patient’s social life and self-esteem,” explained Dr. Johnson. 

“Doctors from around the world have all come to the same verdict: it is just way too small to do anything,” he told reporters.

“My patient is at the end of his rope, as tragic as this may sound, there is no other solution” he admits, visibly compassionate.

As of today, Canadian citizens who are terminally ill and whose suffering is “persistent and intolerable” can ask for medical help to die without doctors who help them end their days having to fear from being prosecuted.

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  1. They tried to graft an elephant’s trunk on him, but every time he sat down to dinner, it would grab a roll off the table and stuff it in his butt!

  2. Well, he can still get a monster truck and a bunch of firearms.
    Wait, it’s Canada, so maybe not so many guns.
    Well, he can still get the truck, and even though he’s Canadian, he could put a bunch of NRA and Trump stickers on it.

  3. Hey, you’ve been further with someone than I have, and I turn 29 next week, so don’t worry, things will work our for you. And as suggested above, why can’t you have a procedure done, were they make you one out of skin and nerves the same way they do for sex change operations…? That would work, plus you’d feel the erection and pleasure and everything! Talk to someone about it! :3

  4. If he stopped being fat he might recover his penis, at least get a few extra inches to make it usable instead of laughable

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