Canada: Hells Angels sue government for $2 billion revenue loss over legalization of marijuana

The Hells Angels chapter of the province of Quebec has filed a lawsuit against the attorney general of Quebec, seeking more than $2 billion in potential loss of revenue that legalization of marijuana will cost the biker organization.

The illegal production and consumption of non-medical cannabis was worth about $400 million last year in the province of Quebec alone, according to a Statistics Canada analysis of the underground economy.

“We estimate that Prime minister Justin Trudeau’s radical action of legalizing marijuana could cost my client’s organization a potential loss of $2 billion dollars in the next decade,” acknowledged Hells Angels’ lawyer, Brandon Tuggs.

“From growing operations to trimming, packaging, transportation, and selling, this new legislation will threaten the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of Canadian workers” he warns.

Prime minister Justin Trudeau’s nationwide legalization of marijuana on October 17 has enraged members of the Quebec chapter of the Hells Angels who believe legalization could destroy “hundreds of thousands of Canadian jobs”

“Many members of our organization fear they will lose their way of life if legalization is sustained,” said Quebec Hells Angels’ spokesman, Jean-Roch Fournier.

“I’ve been selling weed since I’m 12 years old” admits Gino Ouellet, 56, a Hells Angels member for the past 36 years.

“Do you think I’m going to want to go work at Walmart or McDonald’s at minimal wage? I don’t think so” he told reporters.

“Who’s going to want to give me a job? I’ve got tattoos all over my body and all over my face” asks another HA member, Gaetan ‘Lucky 3’ Leclerc, condemned in 1977 for triple homicide.

“It’s not the job of the federal government to regulate illegal drugs, they should take care of their own business and leave that to us” he argues.

Canada is the first country among developed nations to legalize marijuana.

In the United States, a number of states have currently legalized or decriminalized marijuana, but it is still illegal at the federal level.

5 Comments on "Canada: Hells Angels sue government for $2 billion revenue loss over legalization of marijuana"

  1. Fuck these low lifes. Legalize it and put them out of business. Unless the Canadian government is working with Hell`s Angels.

  2. Looking
    At the states, to legalize weed, shows major amounts of legal SAFE money that comes back to the taxpayer. Canada thinks they make more cash by punishing us. Nope.

  3. Ha ha….make it legal. Can’t get a job? Don’t be lazy and get so many tats dumba**…lol. want respect in public? Quit selling drugs to kids, get out of prostitution and for pete’s sakes….quit killing people!

  4. I’d rather buy from the hells angels than Monsanto any day. You have a choice between buying from crooks that have evaded the law to supply what you need and created some pretty fire strains or crooks that are trying to genetically modify the plant and own it forever taking away its medicinal properties and making money off it by monopolizing it. HA have tried stomping out other growers too, but atleast they arn’t messing with the plants dna. Screw it just grow illegally and keep your non Tom seeds safe from their gmo garbage pollen.

  5. Reverse psychology they want it legal so they can supply all the pot shops through the back door big volume easy money.Already happening because it’s already hard enough to get good BC bud here in Alberta.Never a problem before Smart businessmen trying to move things along.

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