Canada: Hells Angels sue government for $2 billion revenue loss over legalization of marijuana

The Hells Angels chapter of the province of Quebec has filed a lawsuit against the attorney general of Quebec, seeking more than $2 billion in potential loss of revenue that legalization of marijuana will cost the biker organization.

The illegal production and consumption of non-medical cannabis was worth about $400 million last year in the province of Quebec alone, according to a Statistics Canada analysis of the underground economy.

“We estimate that Prime minister Justin Trudeau’s radical action of legalizing marijuana could cost my client’s organization a potential loss of $2 billion dollars in the next decade,” acknowledged Hells Angels’ lawyer, Brandon Tuggs.

“From growing operations to trimming, packaging, transportation, and selling, this new legislation will threaten the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of Canadian workers” he warns.

Prime minister Justin Trudeau’s nationwide legalization of marijuana on October 17 has enraged members of the Quebec chapter of the Hells Angels who believe legalization could destroy “hundreds of thousands of Canadian jobs”

“Many members of our organization fear they will lose their way of life if legalization is sustained,” said Quebec Hells Angels’ spokesman, Jean-Roch Fournier.

“I’ve been selling weed since I’m 12 years old” admits Gino Ouellet, 56, a Hells Angels member for the past 36 years.

“Do you think I’m going to want to go work at Walmart or McDonald’s at minimal wage? I don’t think so” he told reporters.

“Who’s going to want to give me a job? I’ve got tattoos all over my body and all over my face” asks another HA member, Gaetan ‘Lucky 3’ Leclerc, condemned in 1977 for triple homicide.

“It’s not the job of the federal government to regulate illegal drugs, they should take care of their own business and leave that to us” he argues.

Canada is the first country among developed nations to legalize marijuana.

In the United States, a number of states have currently legalized or decriminalized marijuana, but it is still illegal at the federal level.

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    • Insecurity Guard | October 25, 2015 at 3:08 am |

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    • I would like to see you say that to an HA in the face bitch.

    • Jeremy, the reason people don’t confront HA is because they are mobbed up. People bunch up when they are insecure. Bring me a lone HA who’s not going to run to his crew and I’ll bitch slap the twat.

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  2. This is gonna cause trafficking of other harder drugs to grow exponentially when you make money doing crime and the government cuts your grass like this you quit selling weed and start selling coke heroin what ever can make up for that loss its not gonna get rid of crime or criminals who previously sold weed grew it there just gonna turn to harder crime get ready to see how bad this is about to fuck our country it was perfect the way it was

    • They will only selling if People buy. I dont think legalising pot will make People buy coke.

    • Pretty sure they are already making mint selling the “harder” stuff. What a bunch of high whiny old men who have never worked a day in their lives. Welfare awaits you all…

    • You already sell drugs!!!

    • How naive. You think it’s hard to come by coke or heroin at the moment? You think that making weed legal will mean previous smokers will switch to coke just because it’s illegal. What a drip.

      It’s people like you, who have no clue, that are the problem.

    • & those are the people that need to be locked up, & for some never see a day of light again..i don’t think marijuana is a drug.. it grows like a plant..actually u cld call it one of Nature’s Weeds..
      the others r definitely the real killer’s.. so are those that push or sell the hard crap that some biology student made.
      also..not sure if i wld feel comfortable going up to someone associated wth organized crime & ask for a bag..not to mention the Hell’s are nation wide.
      Border Control can anyone say? Who’s to say the marijuana won’t cross into Surrounding Country’s.. I say LEGALIZE IT! But let the Government be responsible for it.. anything that may sour is on thm.
      But i truely believe it will be a success to the tax payers in Canada.
      I am also all for puffing, but wld feel better about it myself if i were buying it legally.. the drug dealers now don’t pay our fines or sit our time our for us because we’re in prison over weed.

    • Lisa you are not a very smart person are you? Where do you think cocain comes from?? A plant.. Weed is natural?? Lmao how many chemicals do ppl use while growing weed?? If it was all natural then should be no need to use chems

    • That’s what I thought. I hope not.

    • Ok you can smoke weed all day everyday and most likely will hold a job and stay alive, try the same with coke or heroine there genius!

    • trudeau can fuck himself | October 27, 2015 at 3:19 am |

      exactly BOSS!

  3. kiss the cocaine industry goodbye… dust in the wind

  4. “Who’s going to want to give me a job? I’ve got tattoos all over my body and all over my face” asks another protester, Bob Wilkinson, condemned in 1977 for triple homicide.
    Who was holding you down at the tattoo shop? Your decision, now you can live with it.

  5. Legalize it put those idiots out of business. .good in pm..

    • send those angels to hell,who cares how mad they get,all smokers in Canada will out number them anyway

    • Hey how about fuck you… angels forever forever angels

    • I support 81 and i also support legal weed. 81 will continue on and fuck anyone who doesnt support our Red & White….

    • Surprise, effing surprise! Profit loss. Psychopathic capitalistic idiots to a one they are.


    • My local chapter feeds the poor, and donates bicycles to less fortunate children, they give so much back to the community! Not to mention i was damn near raised by one since a boy, who is, THE MOST HONORABLE MAN ive ever met, in my 19 years of life. And hey, ever been to a pig n fin? Support your local red white! I’m very happy with the price I pay anyway. If you buy your weed off some guy in your neighbourhood, I’d bet it went through the hands of a man with a deathhead on his back, and etched in the tank of his harley. Fuck yeah, keep the price low!

    • They are not Angels!! They are trash!!! And they are selling it to our kids to and coke as well. So take that away from The bastards!!! 😉

    • Snaggletooth75 | October 25, 2015 at 11:18 am |

      I support the legalisation of marijuana. I suffer from chronic lower back pain and osteoarthritis in my knees and hips. I would rather buy marijuana after its legalised than buy from a drug dealer.

    • Oh the irony….These self proclaimed working class heroes pay no tax and let their fellow Canadians pay for all the taxpayer funded government services that they all enjoy. Bunch of children who never grew up. Call yourselves men…

    • this has always been known about how much organised crime does not want legalization of pot and have always thought that the powerhouse was always stopping it from being legalized ….believe me don’t forget about the other billions they make off there other illegal drug trafficking that fucking robs and kills so many people

    • The Liberals will now be selling it. We are just changing which criminal organization will be selling pot.

    • Claus F petersen | October 25, 2015 at 3:07 pm |


    • Mark McDaniel | October 25, 2015 at 3:38 pm |

      There is no hell, there are no angles, so why should we care?

    • yea fuck yourself angels for life <3

    • For sure they can make the crime part go away by simple definition.
      The organized part will still be needed. They are organized and are already in at what could become a ground floor opportunity. All they need is a front
      for the licenses that will surely be required. Then the organizers will hire the small timers for minimum wage for security and cashiers. Slightly more for truck distribution. McWeed brownies at the local MacDonalds? It’s possible.

    • I guess they should move on to coca in and heroin then. Leave the Marijuana to the people.

    • Time to go legit boys. The only difference is you’ll be paying taxes instead of paying off cops and judges.

    • I can’t wait my business will boom lol cause the government will charge crazy amounts like 30 dollars a gram I’ll sell it for ten whose in lmfao

    • allreadylegal | October 25, 2015 at 6:59 pm |

      I don’t know if you are aware but medical Marijuana is already legal in Canada.. all you need is a prescription. Whether it is corporations or brothers like the HA. Someone will control the trade. And if you think turf wars are bad now.. you wait till corporate greed takes over and billions are at stake.

    • I Support 81. They are right. DECRIMINALIZE! Making it legal only makes the government money.

    • Boohoo you’re going to have to work like the rest of us and follow the laws like the rest of us. What an insane concept!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I think we deserve to GROW OUR OWN AND CUT OUT THE MIDDLE MEN

    • Whatever.

    • You sir are the biggest moron I have ever heard speak forget the angels for the time being so many people rely on the illegal aspect to make money so enjoy your over inflated taxed weed fucktard and no crying when it’d 40 a gram like in Washington state thank you all who voted liberal you ignorant fucking tras

    • Good idea. When they are out of work, they can shack up at your place; eat your food; watch your tv; use your computer; bang your old lady while you are out working an “honest” living.

    • and the little hells angel piggies cried wah wah wah all the way to the big house…..

    • colleen O'Reilly | October 25, 2015 at 11:35 pm |

      Decriminalize it that is the thing to do the last thing we want is to put pot in the hands of the politicians.Ya someone said it is legal with a prescription but try and find a doctor that will do that…not easy!

    • I support the legalisation of marijuana. I suffer from chronic Migraines almost daily! I would rather buy marijuana after its legalised than buy from a drug dealer. All though the Governments weed is way better anyways!

    • They’ll just sell meth

    • The red n white need to get ahead of the game. Get yalls lawyers together and start a registered company to grow and supply “legally” when the time comes. Hell make your own strains….death head dank will fly off the shelves!!!!

    • First off, they’re saying, let organize crime stay in business? ROFLMAO…you know they’re not serious, right? They know everyone will be enraged at that. What away to get it legalised. Hells Angels know what they’re doing here.

    • Agreed.

    • Best to grow your own, or buy from a farmer, not a drug dealer.

      I have no sympathy for the Hell’s Angels.

    • StrikeForce | October 26, 2015 at 7:01 pm |

      Those Angels you are calling idiots are protecting us behind the scenes. They keep other otginizations like the Black Panthers from coming in and breaking your heads open just to mention 1.

    • I think it should be legal

    • They do not show pity to there victims. So we (potential future victims) need to show none as well. While we’re at it….legalize all drugs, like Portugal, and see the organized crime drop off the face of this earth.

    • why do we care what the hell’s angels think?? seriously r we supposed to feel sorry for them?….wth?

    • Gerald Mantei | October 28, 2015 at 1:21 am |

      You hit the nail on the Head!!!!!!!!

    • “Who’s going to want to give me a job? I’ve got tattoos all over my body and all over my face” asks another protester, Bob Wilkinson”

      It your own fault. You reap what you sow. You never thought about that what you’re doing might not last forever when you decided to get those tattoos to glorify your lifestyle? I agree that employers shouldn’t discriminate based on how you look, but that’s the world we live in..

    • Valhallamaster | November 3, 2015 at 4:56 am |

      There is a civilized resolution to the plight of the members of this motorcycle club, and may I add that they have never harassed or intimidated me or any member of my family. They don’t prey on law-abiding citizens. What they need to do is sell protection to shops that sell pot . This will ensure that the shops are not robbed or unfairly competed against by other shops. It will be a legitimate business expense for the shops and by sharing some of their large income with those who protect them it should keep everyone from going to the welfare office.

    • no more illegal activity’s….whats the world coming to?

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