California woman sues her parents because she is ugly

Hollywood, CA | A Californian woman is suing her own parents for 2 million dollars because she blames her parents for her “ugly genes”.

Annabelle Jefferson, 44, believes her parents are fully responsible for her unpleasant physical features which have led to her three divorces and a succession of depressions and psychological troubles.

« Both of my parents are so damn ugly, it is simply cruel to have had kids. There is no way they should have been allowed to reproduce themselves .»

«  There should be government programs to sterilize ugly people or at least make it impossible for them to have kids, » she adds.

Robert Jefferson, 82, and his wife Ruby Jefferson, 76, are being sued by their daughter because she says they shouldn’t have been allowed to reproduce in the first place.

Robert Jefferson, 82, and his wife Ruby Jefferson, 76, are being sued by their daughter because she says they shouldn’t have been allowed to reproduce in the first place.

A series of divorces

Jefferson blames her parents for her succession of unsuccessful marriages which led to a series of psychological problems.

« During my first divorce, my ex-husband told the judge that every morning he saw my face, he felt nauseous and often had to run to the bathroom and puke, » she remembers painfully.

« My last husband was technically blind but regained 40% of his sight after a successful eye surgery. He divorced me the next week, » she recalls.

The 44-year-old plans on starting an association for people who have had similar problems and who wish to sue their « ugly parents .»

She also hopes to lobby the state department in the near future to pass legislation on banning people who don’t meet decent beauty or aesthetic criteria to be sterilized or not to be allowed to give birth so as to prevent others from suffering as much as she did.

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  1. Ask Jesús how he sees you….don’t let society tell you what you look like….beauty comes from within….when you have compassion for others, when you help those who need it most, when you use kindness as your guide, when you love orhers, it will show on the outside….go give your parents a hug and let your inner beauty shine. I am sorry you had someone tell you that you are ugly….don’t listen to those words any longer. Be the best you that you can be…then you’ll truly be beautiful.

  2. Ugly is on the inside not on the outside. And you’re parents are beautiful people I don’t know what the hell your thinking if you need money get a fuckin job. Maybe they divorced you because you’re obviously ill and not right in the head physiological help is what you need and that’s all your parents should pay for good god

  3. feel sorry for her, that she has such a terribly distorted view of what she looks like. She’s not ugly at all. She has a lovely smile, pretty eyes, beautiful skin. Her nose shows character. Her dad looks close to 100 years old, so of course he’s not an adonis now. Her mum also looks quite old. Poor lady, she needs to work on her own self esteem a bit more.

  4. None of us can control what we are born as, our ethnic group, social class (growing up), nor our family members. I didn’t like how I looked like growing up. But I did learn to love myself, do better in life by going to school, and never blamed my parents because of what I look like. Or the medical problems I deal with. It’s all about if you’re willing to do things like therapy maybe to help with esteem issues. I have and it does help.

  5. Denese Williams | August 18, 2017 at 7:05 pm | Reply

    Your parents are elderly and perhaps to you are not attractive, but that is not your problem. Clearly, you need professional help in dealing with and overcoming your extremely low self-esteem. Unless you deal with that, nothing else will make your life meaningful. One thought, your past husbands must have seen something desirable..a professional will also be helpful in sorting that out.

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