California: Pro-Choice activist proudly breaks world record by getting her 27th abortion

A 34-year-old Pro-Choice activist has officially broken a world record after receiving her 27th abortion.

The historic operation was performed at the Sacramento Street Health Center and required Elena Travis, 34, to visit the abortion clinic three consecutive times because she was 24 weeks pregnant.

Elena Travis, 34, a medical school student who hopes to one day perform abortions herself, believes abortion is a right and hopes to inspire other women to have it practiced on them by showing others that it is a safe and healthy procedure.

“I feel great. I love the feeling of being pregnant, but I would never want to bring a newborn baby into this miserable world,” she told reporters.

Medical staff at the Sacramento Street Health Center required the abortion be performed in three consecutive operations due to the fact that Ms. Travis was 24 weeks pregnant at the time.

“If abortion is murder, then I’m a mass murderer,” she told reporters jokingly.

Elena Travis had her first abortion at the age of 9 and says abortions have since been the ideal solution for her since she reacts negatively to birth control and emergency contraceptive pills.

Although Travis says she loves the feeling of being pregnant and bearing life within her womb, she says she realizes that giving birth would only doom her child to “a life of misery and suffering” and be “an extra burden for the planet.”

“I feel in awe of the fact that I can make a baby. I can give life and then take it away,” she added.

Other Pro-Choice activists on social media have even compared her to legendary feminists such as Margaret Sanger and Margaret Thatcher, although she claims she is just doing her part to make the world a better place.

5 Comments on "California: Pro-Choice activist proudly breaks world record by getting her 27th abortion"

  1. “Had her first abortion at age 9” Yeah, I think there might be something more to it than just reacting negatively to birth control. This person needs psychiatric attention.

  2. that’s not many – I think it’s 27 in a year, she’s looks skanky enough.

  3. What a poor irresponsible way to utilize birth control. A 24week old baby can live outside of the body. Why would this person did such a thing over and over again. How terrible. I am for woman’s rights but this is abuse of it and this woman should be sterilized.

  4. This is a great accomplishment, and I see every man, woman, and child being inspired enough by this to get several abortions of their own!

  5. You will surely end up in hell if u will not repent from ur sin.

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