California man sues his parents for $1,8M for dressing him up as a girl up to the age of 14

A young man from San Francisco launched a controversial civil lawsuit against his parents this morning, demanding $1,857,250 in financial compensation for being raised as a girl and forced to wear feminine clothes for more than 14 years.

The plaintive, 22-year old Chelsea Roberts, alleges that his parents, Brian and Angela Roberts, forced him to wear dresses or skirts every day for years, forced him to behave and identify himself as a girl, and even tried to impose a sex change surgery on him.

In his request, the young man claims his parents’ behavior and the sexual identity they imposed on him have caused severe psychological trauma that will leave lasting scars and necessitate years of therapy.

Interviewed by FOX affiliate KTVU, Mr. Roberts gave an emotional testimony of his childhood and being raised as a girl.

“They always wanted to have a girl and made sure I knew. They gave me a girl’s name, dressed me like a princess and insisted I behaved more girly than any girl in daycare or school.”

Chelsea Roberts says he confronted his parents several times, asking for the right to be a boy. His demands were met by a request from his parents for him to undergo a “corrective surgery” to permanently become a girl.

“They said they wanted me cured of such evil thoughts and tried to get me to have sex-change surgery, that’s when I decided to run away from home.”

Brian and Angela Roberts refused all demands for interviews and didn’t make any comments when leaving the courthouse this morning.

Experts are divided concerning the possible outcome of this case, as this is a rather unusual case and there is little applicable jurisprudence in California.

For some analysts, the demands of $1,3M in compensation for his psychological harm and $550,000 in punitive damages are exaggerated, and the court will probably settle for less.

Some experts, however, believe the young man may be granted even more than he is demanding, considering his parents selfishly violated his basic human rights and cause him lasting psychological and emotional trauma.

Both parties are expected to appear in court on Friday for the beginning of the testimonies.

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  1. Not only should this man receive every penny he’s asking for. His parents should be locked up in a hospital for the criminally insane, for abusing him most of his life.

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