‘Buddha ate children’, ‘Muhammad was married to camel’, claims controversial Christian school book

A Christian children’s book about world religions is sparking controversy within the Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu community.

The author says the book, “Jesus and Only Jesus,” is meant to teach people about “the true path to God” and explains in metaphorical ways why children should avoid pagan religions to “find their salvation.”

Now members of the various religious communities offended by the book are pushing to keep it out of their local schools and libraries.

“Buddha is often portrayed as overweight or fat but he is not usually believed to have become so by eating children” reassures religious studies professor, Benjamin Appleton, at New York University.

Depicting the prophet Mohammed as married to a camel and in sexually ambiguous positions with goats is “quite blasphemous to the Muslim community” which condones any visual depiction of the prophet of Islam, explained religious studies professor Benjamin Appleton at New York University.

“These are metaphorical stories in nature, it says that it’s OK to teach little Christian children to hate other satanic-based religions,” author Ruth Ellen Cain said when reached by phone.

Author Ruth Ellen Cain is a Catholic Italian-American and her works have stirred emotion in the past. She said “Jesus and Only Jesus” is about Christian pride and not promoting devil worship.

“It can be easy for Christian and non-Christian children alike to be misled by Buddha riding on a unicorn or swimming in rainbows,  or prophet Muhammad flying on his magic carpet but these are made up stories that simply never happened,” she added.

The book has already been pulled from various libraries and banned by several school districts in the country but is currently awaiting a final decision from the US Department of Education.

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