Britain: Woman Claims To Be Pregnant With Child Of Prince Harry

London | A homeless woman claims she has been impregnated by no other than Prince Harry himself.

The woman that has been arrested by security agents after causing a ruckus on the site of the Buckingham Palace has been obsessive about letting the world know that she is allegedly pregnant with another heir to the throne of England.

The 38-year-old woman was seen loitering around the Buckingham Palace for the past weeks, trying repeatedly and incessantly to jump over fences and walls at night, and being chased off by police officers more than three times without ever getting caught.

The woman, that obviously has some mental issues, has been described by security agents for the past weeks as “saying she had to meet Prince Harry immediately and had terrific news for him but couldn’t tell us what”


It seems she might have been squatting the area for some time as the Palace’s gardeners have been complaining about finding human feces at different places in the bushes and flowers of the area

If true, this news comes at an embarrassing time for the Royal family who is celebrating the news that Prince William and Kate Middleton are expecting a third child.

Prince Harry had no comments about the latest events, but a spokesman for the Royal family assured reporters that “he hopes this woman gets help soon and that she is unharmed”.

13 Comments on "Britain: Woman Claims To Be Pregnant With Child Of Prince Harry"

  1. Michael Wickson | September 10, 2014 at 6:31 pm | Reply

    If she is from one of his trip’s to Vegas, as the saying goes ” what goes on in Vegas stay’s in Vegas”

  2. It is Karen Matthews. Careful harry she will kidnap the baby and hide it under her bed.

  3. This woman is clearly mentally ill and may also have a learning disability. What a cheap shot to ridicule her in this way. She could be your sister, daughter or mother. It appals me how some adults get kicks from humiliating vulnerable people like this.

    • My thoughts exactly, Tom. Making fun of a mentally ill homeless woman is about as low as you can get. Try a little compassion, folks.

    • Why is she ‘clearly mentally ill’ I would suspect she is just another lunatic thinkin she can screw a bit of money out of someone who has some. Maybe if she tried gettin a job an actually earned it she would feel better than just lyin on her back for it.

    • I agree Val the royals should stop leaching off the state ahhh you meant the woman!

    • you should be campaigning to have, the, Jeremy Kyle Show kicked off the T.V. ! Aint that what he does every xxxxing day!

    • Stating she is clearly mentally ill is equally judgmental, you have no idea who or what she is! If she is playing a game then she would find these comments entertaining, if she turns out to be nuts, she probably has never seen this site and never will. Get a life all of you!

    • She clearly cant be a mother, who’d aap that?! Well Harry i guess

  4. poor woman

    • Doris Driscoll | September 11, 2014 at 2:01 pm |

      leave this lady alone she is clearly not well
      and has for Harry boy id put nothing past that chappy

  5. That is what we in the forces use to call a 10 pinter. maybe even a 12 pinter

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