Brazilian surgeon successfully transplants pubic and anal hair follicles on bald patients

A Brazilian surgeon claims his revolutionary hair transplant technique will help to get rid of baldness in the next decade.

Romero Mourão, 67, has developed a unique hair transplant method which will revolutionize the hair transplant industry in the next decade he believes.

Dr. Mourão’s hair transplant technique involves transferring pubic hair follicles from the genital and anal area to the top of the head, a technique he has been the first to develop.

“Pubic and anal hair grow in higher densities and are much stronger. They are perfectly suited for those who like an Afro-style haircut,” he said during an interview on Brazilian national TV.

Dr. Romero Mourão admits that some clients have experienced pubic and anal hairs growing in their faces, ears and on their noses or lips but he explains that the technique is not perfect yet.

“The technique is best suited for people of African origin as the molecular structure of their hair is extremely similar to that of pubic and anal hairs,” he explained.

Patients of Dr. Mourão have also complained about contracting crabs, also known as pubic lice, a parasitic insect notorious for infesting human pubic hair.

“Pubic hairs are an ideal environment for crab lice to spread because their claws are adapted to the specific diameter of pubic hair, that is why many Afro Americans have sexually transmitted diseases in their hair” one New York-based expert explained.

Although Dr. Romero Mourão admits that his new technique has had unintended consequences for some he says that most of his patients are satisfied with their new set of hair and that lice-killing medication is available without a prescription at any local drug store or pharmacy.

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