Brazil: Fan Killed by Police for Bringing Pepsi Bottle to World Cup Game


Cuiabá| Brazilian authorities might have just gone too far in trying to please their main sponsor, as officers of the Polícia Federal are accused of killing a fan who was surprised in the stands with a container of another brand of soft drink than Coca-Cola. The incident took place at the Arena Pantanal at the beginning of the game opposing Chile and Australia.

Emiliano Sanchez Vittorio, a 23-year old university student from Chile, had allegedly smuggled a Pepsi bottle inside the stadium in violation of the official policy of the 2014 World Cup. A special federal injunction prohibits the sale of any other brand of liquid refreshments for the duration of the World Cup within all twelve cities where games are taking place, as well as prohibiting their possession on all sites.

According to the authorities, the young man resisted the police when they tried to arrest him for his offense and would have pushed one of the officers. A short skirmish would have then followed, leading to seven gun shots being fired. M. Vittorio was hit five times, including three times in the head, and was dead within seconds of the first shot.

Many witnesses of the incident have however contradicted the official version presented by the police, claiming the Chilean man never had any kind of violent behavior and only pushed back an officer after this particular individual smashed his face with the butt of his rifle multiple times.

Critics have already risen to denounce this new excess from the Brazilian government. The American vice president Joe Biden termed the incident “worthy of a dictatorship” while the French president François Hollande described it as “unworthy of a civilised state”. Even the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un described the shooting as “a perfect example of the fundamental defects of the Capitalist system”. No one at Fifa has yet commented the events.

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  1. Carla Emanuelson | June 14, 2014 at 2:28 pm | Reply

    I believe that the government of Chile/family of the victim should protest and sue the Coca Cola company/ the Brazilian government/police force and the Fifa. I think countries should ban the Coco Cola company. Not because your the sponsor does that mean that you have to kill people for a bottle of unhealthy drink. If any wants to drink water, than you have to do it outside of the stadium? What wrong with the world? Coca Cola Company and Fifa are the leading mafia in the world. There is a religion in the world that force people to follow their belief systems and Coca Cola is like that. They force people to drink their product. If Nike was a sponsor, should the kill people who don’t wear Nike shoes too. This is crazy, this is crime!

    • You don’t have to go out of the stadiumn to drink water, coca-cola sells water. Its called Dasani. lol. They got all bases covered.

      What really takes the cake is that they have to power to ban pepsi not only from the stadium, but from retailers in all 12 CITIES where games are taking place.

    • kill or be killed man. We need more people fighting against it than fighting for it.

    • I cant believe they got away with banning sales of anything but Coke products in TWELVE CITIES. that should surely be against the law of fair trade and competition. And to bring a bottle of water from home?

      This needs serious and draconian action against Coke. Immediately. A young man is dead who has committed no crime.

    • Where are these comments regarding Coke coming from? Seriously? We are talking about a Young man who was KILLED by police over a soft drink. Focus People…

    • this shows how some police will not take responsibility for their mistakes

  2. Sandra Currie | June 14, 2014 at 11:35 pm | Reply

    “might” have gone too far?

    • It written like that because they are innocent until proven guilty. They ‘might’ have committed the crime; legally we don’t know for certain.

    • I think that it is not right to say “they might have gone too far.”
      They DID have gone too far.

    • i agree that they went to far by shooting him seven times three to the head and two to the chest that clearly says their a problem their.

  3. This is absolutely shocking. I hope these cops will be prosecuted

    • Brazilian cops, prosecuted?
      It would be a lot easier to prosecute an American cop, which is not an easy job to begin with.

  4. Marguerite Contessa | June 16, 2014 at 11:19 am | Reply

    This is beyond atrocious. Fifa, Brazilian Government, Coca Cola, “ROBOT” Authorities should be put on trial. The world at large, should contact their local Brazilian Embassies letting them know of their feelings. FIFA has a lot to answer for!!

    • This is not the first, or last time stuff like this happens. People support companies and sponsers without knowing quite what they are supporting. The novel 1984 comes to mind, with it’s all-too-accurate representation of modern and so-called “civilised” life, and it makes me sick to thiink that people buy products to support companies that get so big, and have such a monopoly on a product that they can charge anything they want, and get away with it. 500 years ago, if a company had imposed rules that had led to the death of a man just beginning his life, not even out of school, then the company would be dismantled. 500 years from now it will be illegal for companies to restrict human choice. This is barbaric and should not be allowed in any country on this earth.

  5. Michael Gorman | June 16, 2014 at 4:28 pm | Reply

    I am beyond horrified, words are just not sufficient to protest this immense injustice – what the hell? This could be a model for corporate tyranny in the future all over the world if we do not wake up and smell the cola beans…if you want the image of a human face being stamped on by a boot forever just keep drinking coca Cola and following your damned stupid games, all spectator sport is just a diversion, a money making scam-while the world disintegrates around you, and tyrants get away with murder.

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