Black student adopted by white parents quits Harvard to denounce her own white privilege

Cambridge, MA | A 24-year-old Harvard student has decided to quit during her last year of law school for what she believes to be ethical reasons.

Evelyn Matheson, 24, has decided to go public about her decision to boycott her final exams because she did not feel entitled to her estimated $300,000 Harvard law school education because of her white upbringing.

Matheson claims that the reality of her white social status and privilege became unbearable to her as she was about to complete her Harvard law studies.

“Unlike most black folks who have spent their life victims of discrimination, oppression, and poverty, I have had the unfair privilege of having a white upbringing because of my wealthy adoptive white parents that I clearly do not deserve,” Matheson told reporters.

Matheson has also recently reunited with her biological mother and plans to move back with her in the Detroit region.

“My biological mother is currently unemployed and a multiple drug user which is the consequence of racial segregation in this country. By leaving Harvard, I am relinquishing my white privilege status and reclaiming my black heritage,” she added.

Matheson’s adoptive parents, John H. Matheson and Carol Matheson, feel that their adoptive daughter is confused and facing an identity crisis and that her decision to repudiate them and quit law school is “heart-wrenching”.

Asked if practicing law was still in her future projects, the former student says it is out of the question.

“Most women my age in the Afro-American community are unemployed, uneducated single mothers and that for me is a reality I want to relate to,” explained the 24-year-old to reporters.

Matheson has currently applied to work in several businesses in the Detroit area but says she is only looking for low-paying jobs that reflect the racial bias of today’s American society.

“I was offered a job as a teacher in a high school but I refused because I feared they had offered me this opportunity only because of my former white privilege status and will start working at a gas station next week at the minimum wage,” she admitted to reporters.

Matheson has also cut all ties with her adoptive white family whom she accuses of whitewashing her into neglecting her Afro-American heritage and assimilating her into the predominantly white, western culture.

4 Comments on "Black student adopted by white parents quits Harvard to denounce her own white privilege"

  1. That guy over der | June 24, 2018 at 1:21 am | Reply

    Wouldn’t getting a high paying job get her and her parents out of “poverty”

  2. Kevin Galley | June 18, 2018 at 8:31 am | Reply

    And they call whites racist hahahaha

  3. Harriet Tobin | June 11, 2018 at 11:29 pm | Reply

    To cast aside a law career that could potentially do enormous good for the community you want to join boggles the mind. If she felt she didn’t deserve what she had already enjoyed, then she should have gotten the degree, passed the bar, and helped the people who can’t afford a lawyer.

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