Biblical Giants Unearthed in Golan Heights?

A recent archeological dig has unearthed no less than two dozen skeletons of giant proportions near the ancient ruins of Rujm el-Hiri, located in the Golan Heights, a contested area claimed by both Syria and Israel.

The team of archeologists led by the University of Tel-Aviv claims that the skeletons might be older then the ruins themselves, already dating back to 5000 years, according to mainstream archeology.

The site of Rujm el-Hiri has been extensively searched for decades already, but our team noticed a mound nearby which we thought was of major interest. It has been two long years, but it was definitely worth the effort  

– Tom Yiggur, archeologist

The Rujm el-Hiri site which consists of an estimated 40,000 tons of uncut black volcanic basalt field stones piled and wedged into between five and nine concentric rings has always been a site of interest to biblical archeology because of its mention in the Bible.


Some scholars believe the structure of concentric stone circles known as Rujm al-Hiri was an astrological temple or observatory, others a burial complex

“It is said in the Bible, that Og, King of Bashan, ruled over these lands. Og and his mighty army was slain by Moses and he is said to have been the last of the Rephaim, a hebrew word meaning giant”

“Could this be the resting ground of these mythical giants the Bible tells us about? I would not be surprised!” explains Guntar Web, head of the Department of Biblical Studies at the University of Tel-Aviv.

“One of the giants was covered in a copper armor. One of the copper swords was also as hard as steel and made in a fashion unknown to us. This is definitely the most interesting dig I have ever laid my eyes upon” explains the man who has been in the field for over four decades.

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