Babysitter transported to hospital after inserting a baby in her vagina

Cincinnati, Ohio | A 31-year old woman was admitted to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center yesterday after the 14-month old toddler she was babysitting got stuck in her vaginal cavity.

Latifah Brown called 911 around 9:30 PM last night, reporting that she had a baby stuck in her vagina.

The operator first assumed that she was giving birth at home and dispatched an ambulance to the site.

The paramedics had quite a surprise when they arrived on the site and saw what was actually happening.

One of the paramedics, Brian Whitmore, related the incident in an interview with WBNS-10 TV.

“The little boy wore a diaper and pyjamas, but he had his legs and abdomen stuck in the woman’s vagina.”

The paramedics spent more than an hour on the site trying to release the child from his difficult position but were unable to get the toddler out.

“I don’t know how she got the child in there! We were both pulling as strong as we could and he wouldn’t come out.”

Ms. Brown and the child were finally transported to the hospital, where doctors were able to separate them after a delicate operation.

The young boy suffers from a dislocated hip, but doctors don’t think he will suffer any sequelae from the incident.


The paramedic, Ryan Whitmore, says he was shocked when he arrived on the scene and saw the fully dressed toddler caught in the woman’s vagina.

The babysitter was interrogated by police and confessed to deliberately inserting the child in her vaginal cavity.

She explained that she was feeling depressed after her doctor told her she could never have children and wanted to know how it felt to give birth.

Ms. Brown now faces a total of 11 criminal charges, including aggravated child neglect causing bodily harm, and could spend up to 65 years in prison.

Her lawyer has asked for a psychiatric evaluation, claiming that she isn’t fit to stand trial.

Depending on the results of the evaluation, her trial could begin in June.

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  1. The baby was pushed inside legs first.. Andvshe couldn’t push beyond his hips.. Thank God she couldn’t push it further..If not, The poor little one would have got suffocated and dead by now…

  2. How did this baby survive? So many fetus die is they are not delivered. This confuses me. He worked for an hour before going to ED. That baby 14 months would have suffocated. Am I the only one fines this crazy but also questionable?

  3. ISIS Sucks Dick | May 23, 2017 at 12:30 pm | Reply

    why do i question, this women would try to put anything up there

  4. The parents should take responsibility too. Look at this woman! Would you hire someone with those eyes and that profile to babysit your child?! Seriously!

  5. boy..there’s a bunch of sick puppies puppies out here today??

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