Baby with birthmark spelling “Allah” born in refugee camp

Suruc | A couple of Syrian refugees living in a Red Crescent camp in Turkey, have given birth to a baby bearing a unique birthmark on his forehead: the name of Allah in Arabic characters.

Hussein and Amira Qabbani fled Syria in June 2015, after their house was destroyed by an artillery shell, during some combat between ISIS and the Syrian army.

Ms. Qabbani was already pregnant at the time, but she still walked more than 360 kilometers with her husband to reach the Turkish border.

The couple gave birth to a young boy, on Tuesday night, inside their tent of the Red Crescent refugee camp.

The news of the young boy’s distinctive birthmark rapidly spread across the camp and even across the country, attracting attention from the Turkish media.


The young boy weighs 3.2 kilograms and is perfectly healthy. His intriguing birthmark can clearly be seen on his forehead, spelling “Allah” in the Arabic script.

The birth of Mohammad as rapidly become a symbol of hope for the refugees, who have welcomed him as a message from the All-Mighty.

“This young boy is the living proof that Allah hasn’t abandoned us,” says Farid al-Nouri, another refugee. “It shows that despite all the horrors surrounding us, Allah is still watching over us.”

Other refugees from the camp, however, have criticized the media for giving so much attention to Mohammad’s story while ignoring the misery of the other refugees.

“The journalists come here to see the baby, and they completely ignore the rest of us,” says Duraid Rezk, who has been in the camp for 16 months. “They don’t want to know that we have nothing to eat or that we are sick… al they want to see is the young boy.”

Dozens of journalists from around the Muslim world and even from Western countries have indeed invaded the refugee camp of the last few days, and most of their reports talked almost exclusively of the young boy.


The refugee camp near Suruc is home to more than 8000 Syrian refugees, some of which have been displaced for more than two years.

Since they appeared in the media, the Qabbanis have been handed a 3-year residence visa from the Turkish government, they have received lots of gifts from would-be sponsors and were presented with various financial and professional offers.

The couple declared this morning that they were “very happy to leave the refugee camp for a more regular life” with their son, even if it broke their heart to leave many of their friends and family behind.

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  1. Isn’t Islam growing a little because they kill who refuse to join?

  2. NASEER FROM KASHMIR | November 26, 2016 at 2:22 am | Reply

    THEY PLAN AND ALLAH TOO PLANS , VERILY ALLAH IS THE BEST OF PLANNERS.(AL-QURAN)…we kashmiris are with our muslim brothers and sisters always…. luv this baby and luv all refugees …. May Allah pak provide us the Victory….

  3. Subhanallah
    What a bundle of hope for the ummah of this world!
    May Allah look after us all inshallah

  4. Isn’t amazing what can be done with a fingernail. Try it yourself, you can leave any mark you wish on your own forehead simply by scratching it on with your fingernail, it will fade away, but has anyone been allowed to stay around long enough to see if it did fade. A small baby’s skin is very susceptible to marking in this way, even your own to a lesser degree.

    • Lol at these comments from uneducated individuals..
      A) how can someone mark the forehead of a baby and be so precise and neat unless they are a pro tattoo artist?

      B) would it not bleed and then it will scab? It wouldnt just be like a birthmark..

      C) if its a pressure mark, media dont arrrive in minutes.. days later it would fade

      So accept it, instead of making lame excuses.. ?

  5. Muhammad Al-Awwal | October 27, 2015 at 3:44 pm | Reply

    Allahu Akbar….there is nothing on earth that Allah swt cannot do…may Allah guide our steps and not let us go astray…amin Ya Allah

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