Baby with birthmark spelling “Allah” born in refugee camp

Suruc | A couple of Syrian refugees living in a Red Crescent camp in Turkey, have given birth to a baby bearing a unique birthmark on his forehead: the name of Allah in Arabic characters.

Hussein and Amira Qabbani fled Syria in June 2015, after their house was destroyed by an artillery shell, during some combat between ISIS and the Syrian army.

Ms. Qabbani was already pregnant at the time, but she still walked more than 360 kilometers with her husband to reach the Turkish border.

The couple gave birth to a young boy, on Tuesday night, inside their tent of the Red Crescent refugee camp.

The news of the young boy’s distinctive birthmark rapidly spread across the camp and even across the country, attracting attention from the Turkish media.


The young boy weighs 3.2 kilograms and is perfectly healthy. His intriguing birthmark can clearly be seen on his forehead, spelling “Allah” in the Arabic script.

The birth of Mohammad as rapidly become a symbol of hope for the refugees, who have welcomed him as a message from the All-Mighty.

“This young boy is the living proof that Allah hasn’t abandoned us,” says Farid al-Nouri, another refugee. “It shows that despite all the horrors surrounding us, Allah is still watching over us.”

Other refugees from the camp, however, have criticized the media for giving so much attention to Mohammad’s story while ignoring the misery of the other refugees.

“The journalists come here to see the baby, and they completely ignore the rest of us,” says Duraid Rezk, who has been in the camp for 16 months. “They don’t want to know that we have nothing to eat or that we are sick… al they want to see is the young boy.”

Dozens of journalists from around the Muslim world and even from Western countries have indeed invaded the refugee camp of the last few days, and most of their reports talked almost exclusively of the young boy.


The refugee camp near Suruc is home to more than 8000 Syrian refugees, some of which have been displaced for more than two years.

Since they appeared in the media, the Qabbanis have been handed a 3-year residence visa from the Turkish government, they have received lots of gifts from would-be sponsors and were presented with various financial and professional offers.

The couple declared this morning that they were “very happy to leave the refugee camp for a more regular life” with their son, even if it broke their heart to leave many of their friends and family behind.

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  1. This little Jewish baby is not Mohammed.. Otherwise his birthmark would spell PIG

    • Dear Michael , May Allah guide you Ameen

    • Jibriel gavin | September 2, 2015 at 5:51 am |

      Hey micheal. I just wanna say that calling someone a pig is rude and very disrespetful. Regardless of what religion. Pls consider others feelings and respect them. Its very sad to see people act like that. If u could, type mufti menk in youtube and watch one of his lectures or type up yusuf estes of how he came about islam. Maybe then u will understand. Pls forgive me if i have offend u. May Allah swt give u hidayah insha Allah

    • Hey Michael. From your comments it gives us the feeling that you are a Jew yourself. Have you ever seen the mirror since your mother gave birth to you? If not then i suggest you do just that. Take a good look and pay special attention to your forehead. You will be well surprised to find what’s written there… will be just the same word you suggested.

    • Michael…who the blody hell you are to say about our respecting prophet muhammad nabi..mind your own religion…and just keep distance for these kind of rude attitude words…

    • Micheal micheal…. we dont eat pigs. U r wot u eat n I m sure u love pig!!!

  2. Тнє child coming with тнє name اللّهُ on his forehead is a sign from te almighty C∕̴Ɩℓℓαн Tα’αℓα .People who don’t understand Islam ωill bark out anything.Тнє appearance σƒ Almightys personal name that Appeared oη тнє childs forehead is ησт for name or fame.ιт’ѕ a huge message to тнє syrian refugees that they are ησт Alone αη∂ that Almighty is watching over them.мαу almighty C∕̴Ɩℓℓαн Tα’αℓα guide αℓℓ muslims around тнє world ​آمِيْن يَارَبَّ الْعَالَمِينْ

    • Sister ιη Deen | September 29, 2015 at 7:08 am |

      Michael тнιѕ is ησт a Jewish baby like you. Some JEWS ARE BURNING WITH JEALOUSY ON ТНЄ RELIGION ISLAM. Remember тнє devil is made σƒ fire αη∂ anger is Heat. Put both together HEaT αη∂ some JEws Are partners to тнє DEVIL like you . ВЄ Happy αη∂ respect others.

  3. Alhumdullilah ! We are thankful and very lucky to be Muslim and the ummat of prophet Muhammed (pbuh)
    I don’t know why these type of news are not published globally. 🙂

  4. I am french, sorry for my english I am learning this language, It is necessary to respect this baby because he is maybe the Mahdi!
    The mahdi in hadiths of prophete muhammed is described with a sign on the forehead, God thinking of us! 🙂

    • Where does it say that imam mahdi will have allah written on the forehead? Please educate yourself peopl.

    • But it says that imaam mahdis parents will have the same name as the prophet Muhammad S.A.W

  5. Are they Kidding me, How dumb do they think people are.. But they did get what they wanted. Money, housing, job offers… All they needed was a lighter and a paper clip …..

    • Deaf, dumb and blind regardless of what signs have been shown to them. The only thing that we can do is make dua and ask for hidayat for people like Kevin.

    • Totally agree with you Yaseen!!

    • Lighter and paper clip? Lol try that on your forehead… I’m sure you will first get burnt and then blistered, the pain will have you jumping around first. Accept it as a sign and don’t look for evidence that it was a ploy to get worlds attention by tattooing a newborn with a crude attempt with a lighter and paper clip.

    • What a brilliant idea Kevin!! I never thought u will be so shallow minded, but keep it up…

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