Australian judge rules in favor of husband in divorce settlement « sex with kangaroo is not cheating »

An Australian judge has ruled that a man who allegedly had an affair with a domestic kangaroo is not guilty of infidelity towards his wife.

Judge Andrew Reynolds settled the dispute this week between a divorced couple after the former wife believed she was entitled to a larger property settlement after disclosing pictures of her ex-husband partaking in sexual activities with their domestic kangaroo.

Alan Montgomery, 59, admitted to the affair with their 12-year-old domestic kangaroo but defended himself by claiming it was a “100% consensual” relationship.

“I was very lonely and depressed. I was at a low point in my life and Snuffles was there for me in those difficult times,” Alan Montgomery admitted in court.

Alan Montgomery was forced to admit that he was having an affair with the couple’s 12-year-old kangaroo named Snuffles after his wife released undisclosed pictures of him and the animal partaking in sexual activities.

“I was drunk and I guess Snuffles was horny and eventually, one thing led to another and we just indulged in the moment,” Alan Montgomery added, visibly humiliated.

Although judge Andrew Reynolds was apparently appalled by the pictures of Montgomery performing oral sex onto the animal which he described as an “act of poor judgment”, he did not condone the actions.

“Infidelity by a spouse is not an element that the court will take into consideration, even though, in this case, the matter at hand is profoundly troubling,” judge Reynolds said in court.

When asked by the plaintiff’s attorney whether the court implied that sex with a kangaroo could be assumed to be adultery the judge replied that he had never heard of such a case and just wished he could unsee what he had just seen.

In 2016, a similar court case occurred when a wife sued her husband after he had allegedly infected her with chlamydia that he had contracted during a sexual relationship with a koala.

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