Australia: 600-Pound Woman Gives Birth to 40-Pound Baby

Perth | A 600-pound woman has given birth to a 40-pound baby at Perth’s King Edward Memorial Hospital, a record-breaking weight that could possibly make the newborn the largest baby ever born, reports the Western Australian Herald this morning.

The baby of gigantic size surprised doctors and staff members who were not fully prepared for such an event but miraculously managed to give birth to the 40-pound (18 kilos) baby who remains in a healthy state, has confirmed a hospital spokesman.

The single mother who’s delivery necessitated a surgical incision in the mother’s abdomen and uterus was done to prevent any harm to the baby and mother’s health and was undergone without any complications.


The 600-pound woman was brought in emergency by ambulance, her family unable to carry her in an automobile

The doctor who practiced the cesarean section first believed the woman to be pregnant with twins or even triplets.

“I have dealt with other women suffering from obesity before but this birth will stick with me until I die,” he told reporters with a large grin.

“I truly believed there was two or even three babies in there” he commented laughingly, “but no, it was just one big sturdy guy. He obviously has a career as a future rugby player” he added with humor.

The largest recorded baby in the world was previously thought to be a South African baby who is believed to have weighed 38 pounds (17.2 kilos) and was born in 1839.

The young boy of Zulu origin is reported to have grown to an impressive 7’6 feet or 2.28 meters high before he reached his 18th birthday.

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  1. I don’t even know how that is possible wow

  2. Susanne Pascall | January 15, 2015 at 6:01 pm | Reply

    I feel so very sorry for the baby, being born morbidly obese, all that pressure on his little heart, let’s hope the medical & social services, take good care of him, his mother shouldn’t be allowed to look after him, because clearly she can’t look after herself!!!!!

    • I agree!

    • Here here

    • I agree

    • Agreed!!! Not a very nice start to life at all…

    • Wow, shouldn’t keep her baby? Are you suggesting we should go around and take children off every obese parent? What about people with drink/drug problems mental illness, parents with criminal convictions. It’s help and support that’s needed

    • Jake the Dog | January 19, 2015 at 9:07 am |

      yes yes and yes. if parents can’t raise themselves, why let them raise a child? the child should be taken from them, at least until they have sorted themselves out. raising a baby is more than just feeding it on time and changing diapers you know…

    • I feel personally offended by anyone who thinks that a parent with an addiction/problem holding their life together should have their child taken from them. Every situation is different. I’ve seen “model” human beings turn out to be bad parents and I’ve seen single addicts (like my mother) be wonderful mothers who make sure that their child is taken care of first even if their addiction isn’t fed as a result. Clearly you are ignorant if you can’t recognize that these situations are case by case scenarios, and thus I will avoid taking offense because your opinion comes from the bench rather than the playing field, but I can’t let someone say that I would of been better off without my mom and say nothing. Best of luck to this mother and her bundle of joy. I hope they overcome the odds, like I, and MANY OTHERS did!!!

  3. Congrats glad mum n baby r doin well xx

  4. I wonder how many months the mother was pregnant? Premature babies are very small and underweight when born before term (9 months). I hope the baby’s birth father 1. provides for the family. 2. Supports and raises his son. Every child needs a father and a mother to love and raise him.

    • I was curious about that too!

    • Full term is now 10months

    • Maria full term is 9 months or 10x 4 weeks it always has been and always will be lol some doctors will count pregnancy as a month every 4 weeks making it 10 months but if you count from the date of conception to the due date it’s actually only 9 full months

  5. bet we see him on the wwe by the time hes 20, good luck to mum and baby 🙂

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