Australia: 20 Koalas Rescued from Animal Brothel

Pinjarra | Australian Federal agents cracked down on unsuspecting party goers in a privately owned petting zoo yesterday where more than 40 arrests were made over allegations of bestiality and animal cruelty, reports the Western Australian Herald this morning.

Suspected for some time by local authorities of running a petting zoo functioning as an underground animal brothel, where clients paid for sexual services with the animals, the 67-year old farm owner was arrested with two of his sons and some 30 guests who were present for an all-night party.

Caught in full action during the festivities, the Federal police raid engaged more than 16 agents in what local officials believe to be the biggest crackdown on an animal brothel in Australia’s history.


The poor animals were forced into sexual acts with clients of the animal brothel before being rescued yesterday by Federal agents

A thriving business

Local authorities fear a recrudescence in sexually deviant behavior with animals in the region since this is the third animal brothel to be closed down in recent months in the area.

“We can’t explain why animal brothels seem to be in high demand in the region” explains psychologist Dane Banff.

“That human beings are allowed to unleash their wildest fantasies in such a context, even though illegal, might prevent such abuses as rape from being committed” she admits.

“But at the same time, having sexual relations with koalas and other animals is not considered to be a healthy behavior and should not be encouraged” she acknowledges.

The farmer and his sons could face up to five years in prison expect legal experts.

11 Comments on "Australia: 20 Koalas Rescued from Animal Brothel"

  1. Terry Maderak | June 17, 2015 at 10:33 pm | Reply

    Want to puke after reading this. Can’t even put into words my disgust. Lock me up and throw key away. God bless the animals who were rescued. Hope the police close them all down and stop this forever

  2. joyce alexander | June 17, 2015 at 6:40 pm | Reply

    This has to stop atrocious cruelty

  3. Disgusting perverts

  4. this stuff needs to stop..we are not meant to have sex with animals…this is gross…why are we letting this happen..these men needs to have their dicks cut off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • amber veeg | June 19, 2015 at 3:13 am |

      I agree.


    • Bob Pendell | June 22, 2015 at 5:53 pm |

      I notice that we humans are ourselves of an animal nature, so by adopting that policy, we should not be allowed to have sex with each other. A policy that would quickly lead to our extinction. While this might be good for the rest of the planet, it seems a bit harsh for us poor neglected humans.

      I suggest that we amend the suggestion to apply to non-human animals, those other than homo (so-calloed) sapiens.

      With love under will,

      bob Pendell
      “The Wizzard of Jacksonville

    • Women were there also not just men!!

    • It is barbaric, but the justification that it may prevent rape is even worse. What is this world coming to aye, and its not the first one either.

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