Archaeologists Discover Golden Plates Believed to Be Linked to Joseph Smith Jr.

Manchester, NY | A team of archaeologists excavating a drumlin known as  Mormon hill or the Cumorah, in western New York, have discovered a set of gold plates which they believe could be linked to the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Joseph Smith Jr.

The scientists, led by Professor Abraham Jones, are associated with the Brigham Young University’s faculty of archaeology.

They were using advanced metal detectors, lasers and other ground-penetrating imaging technology to look for underground structures when they noticed a small cave-like cavity.

They dug up the entrance, which was buried under a dozen feet of rocks and dirt, and explored the very exiguous cavern.

The walls and ceiling were covered with ancient traces of soot, presumably from torches, suggesting the cave had been visited many times in the past.

On top of a large flat stone resembling an altar, they found what looks like a book made of metal plates.


The scientists explored the mysterious cavern, but have not been able to recover any other artifact. They have found, however, a few signs of human activity like the ashes of two ancient campfires.

The “book” is made of a set of twelve metal plates, each measuring six inches (15 cm) in width, eight inches (20 cm) in length approximately half an inch (1.27 centimeter) in thickness.

The plates are made of a copper-gold alloy and are held together by three D-shaped rings, forming a sort of book.  The entire volume measures a total of nearly six inches [15 cm] in thickness and weights 59 pounds (26.76 kg).

The plates are covered with mysterious symbols, very similar to the  “reformed Egyptian” characters, written by Joseph Smith Jr. on the document known as the “Anthon Transcript”.

Many of the symbols on the plates found by the archaeologists are identical to those drawn by the prophet, in 1928.


LDS scholars have hypothesized that the reformed Egyptian writing could have developed from other modified Egyptian scripts such as hieratic, a priestly shorthand for hieroglyphics.

Joseph Smith Jr. is said to have found similar golden plates on September 22, 1823, in a hill near his home in Manchester, New York.

He claimed that an angel named Moroni had directed him to a buried stone box, containing a set of gold plates, covered with strange symbols.

Smith translated the text of the Book of Mormon over the next several years by using a seer stone, which he placed in the bottom of a hat and then placed the hat over his face to view the words written within the stone.

He finally published the book in 1830, which was meant to be a complement to the Bible.

This new discovery could be the most important material and historical proof ever found, to back the claims of Joseph Smith Jr.

Professor Jones and the scientists from Brigham Young University will now perform an extensive series of tests and analysis to determine if the plates could indeed be linked to the prophet.

10 Comments on "Archaeologists Discover Golden Plates Believed to Be Linked to Joseph Smith Jr."

  1. Fenelita2000 | May 4, 2015 at 2:13 pm | Reply

    Tengo entendido…pero no estoy segura…que solo fue una parte entregada a José Smith…del libro de Mormón…que la otra parte seria dada en su debido tiempo…es decir faltando muy poco…para la segunda venida del Salvador…ya que no estábamos preparados todavía para recibirlas…si son estas…debemos trabajar mas con nosotros mismos y nuestro prójimo…y usar el amor puro de Cristo la Caridad…acepto comentarios…

  2. Upon the plates are found intructions from God about marrying 14 year old girls, woman who already have husbands, and any other sexual pleasure the “prophet” may find agreeable.

    • Jeff Osborne | May 4, 2015 at 4:46 pm |

      Inflammatory statements don’t make for good science and your description of polygamy is not factual.

    • Marrying at 14 was not uncommon in those days…just saying

    • To you clay. And I’ve studied polygamy. And it honestly was an extention of his perversions. By the way Emma smith loathed him for it, not accepted it. He was a sicko.

  3. Mormons teach that JS translated the plates with a set of seer stones set in a breast plate, Old Testament style, not with a stone in a hat. South Park popularized that image.

  4. manuel m. santa cruz | April 30, 2015 at 2:57 am | Reply

    first of all joseph smith was not the founder of the church.. it was jesus christ through the prophet joseph smith..
    then let’s see how it goes.. could be not rust, could be dirt.. just saying..

  5. No need looking for this garbage. The church is hiding from the world 354 rock Boxes with metal tablets that predate the flood, all from a single cave in sanpete county Utah. I have many who can read them. They cannot. Much More.

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