African Billionaire Slaughters 20 Elephants During $200 Million Birthday Bash

Kambooni | Jalabnanke Babawatke, son of African billionaire and oil tycoon Mamalouke Abamknamole Babawatke, who is estimated to be worth a whopping 40 billion dollars, has organized one of the most expensive birthday bashes where it seems everything was permitted.

The 20-year-old son and sole heir of the Babawatke fortune has spared no expense.

From dawn to dusk, the 20,000 guests were treated to the worlds greatest DJs such as Tiesto, Armin Van Buren and David Guetta, the event being presented by no less than Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, personal friends of his father.

As the party went on, the intensity seems to have caught on to the young birthday boy who took on to test his new gift: a Tiger Attack Helicopter given to him by his father.


If at first the party went well, things started to change when the young heir took to try out his new Tiger Attack Helicopter

The young billionaire told the helicopter pilot he wanted to shoot some elephants, a request the pilot claims he could not refuse, even though it required passing over the Somalian and Kenyan international border.

«There is no way I was going to find elephants in Somalia and my orders were to escort him to wherever he wanted, so we went to Kenya,» he told local Somali reporters.

That is when they took in the direction of the Boni National Reserve situated in the North Eastern Province of Kenya, only a few miles from the birthday party.

After 45 minutes, no less than 20 elephants had been slaughtered in sheer amusement by the birthday boy and two of his guests, creating an international malaise between the two countries whose relationship is already tense and the Babawatke empire, who is a major player in both countries’ economies.


20 elephants have been found slaughtered in the past 24 hours in Boni National reserve and more could be found, claim park officials

Officials were told the young party goers do not remember how much elephants they killed. «They were pretty drunk but were very polite» remembers the pilot, visibly amused at the whole story. «I guess boys will be boys» he adds.

The animal massacre has received international criticism from conservancy funds worldwide, the African elephant being on the WWF endangered species list.

5 Comments on "African Billionaire Slaughters 20 Elephants During $200 Million Birthday Bash"

  1. A Nelson Courser | June 17, 2016 at 11:26 pm | Reply

    HELL is no good enough….

  2. Sydney Acura | May 6, 2016 at 2:59 pm | Reply

    Sicko… he should b fine, pentalized and pay for his crime… he should do time and volunteer community service by working at that Reserve and help raise, clean, n care for them elephants… (Karma, if he ends up get trampled by them elephants) and cut off of any luxury spending… sadly $ is root of all deals/evils!

  3. Fucking sick bastard.

  4. Ricardo Rodriguez from Houston, Texas | July 5, 2015 at 12:55 am | Reply

    First off Elephants take nine years to reproduce, not nine months, including that they are already near extinction. To hear this is more than angering its sad to know that these defenseless, beautiful, sacred, religous animals were slaughtered in amuzement. At the expense of 200 million dollars that were splurged for a wreckless 20 yr old, at least some of Africa’s starving could have been fed one meal for at least, for at least one day. Not Africa, not America, and not Wild Life Conservation should act upon this but, The World. This act is one that shows that money is more important than not only animals lives but humans lives also to the person who lacks sympathy, love, understanding, respect, morals, repentance, remorse. This is an example people of the Earth that IF WE DONT STOP IT WHO WILL. We have to demand. We are what make these countries what they are. We, Us, The people are what give them their power.

  5. Nothing surprises me any more, money breeds contempt, ignorance and a lack of respect. The rich get richer at the expense of the poor who stay poor. In the meantime, the “Rich” find amusement and entertainment in the most vile of pastimes. The Pilot should be prosecuted, primarily for not having the balls to tell this young idiot, No and for piloting a loaded aircraft across the border of a neighbouring state. If Kenyan authorities allowed this helicopter into their airspace, whomever responsible should be prosecuted and finally the idiot boy that carried out these atrocities, should be publicly flogged 200 times, 10 for each life taken, be given a custodial sentence, fined the cost it would take to house these majestic creatures in their nature reserve for the next 10 years and forced to carry out community service amongst the most impoverished regions of Somalia and Kenya, including the collection of elephant feacal matter…..Even then, the little spoilt brat would never atone for this senseless killing. And for the idiots, that asked “was he a good shot”, maybe we should put you in a pen and take pot shots at you….you moronic, insensitive idiots!! I hope one day, to use the skills attained during a career in the military, to protect these wonderful animals and to stem the flow of wealthy westerners that take pleasure in the brutal and senseless slaughter of such majestic creatures.

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