World News Daily Report is an American Jewish Zionist newspaper based in Tel Aviv and dedicated on covering biblical archeology news and other mysteries around the Globe.

Our News Team is composed of award winning Christian, Muslim and Jewish journalists, retired Mossad agents and veterans of the Israeli Armed Forces.

We are based in Tel Aviv since 1988 where are published more then 200,000 copies of our Daily Report paper edition everyday.

Agrandir le plan

Thank you for your interest in our newspaper and long live Israel!



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  1. Israel will ALWAYS be there! The Scriptures make that ABUNDANTLY clear! When the Scriptures are returned to the Manuscript arrangement of books (49 in number, not 66 in number as we have them today) it will be seen that Jerusalem and the people of Israel are at the CENTER of everything. Read Dr. Ernest L. Martins book: Restoring the Original Bible, ASK Publications. Its an eye opener!

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