63-year-old daycare owner breastfed toddlers in public while smoking crystal meth

A Columbus woman who operated an unlicensed daycare is facing one hundred and twenty-seven charges of child endangerment after neighbors and concerned parents alerted authorities.

According to eye-witness testimony, Ivanka Kuklinski, 63, breastfed children under her care in public places while drinking alcohol and smoking what is believed to be crack cocaine and crystal meth.

Columbus police also uncovered hundreds of used syringes suspected of being used for heroin, as well as dozens of used condoms in a home that was also used to run an illegal brothel, police said.

“She forced my 8-year-old son to suck on her nipples and when he wouldn’t comply, she would burn him with a cigarette,” one parent told reporters.

Columbus police have shut down the unlicensed daycare where up to 59 children at a time would be under the care of Ivanka Kuklinski, 63, who is suspected of operating an illegal brothel as well as a meth lab in the basement.

“One day I came to pick up my 3-month-old child and she gave me a pound of marijuana in a bag instead, before excusing herself for confusing me with someone else,” another parent told reporters.

Neighbors also alerted 911 on several occasions that the 63-year-old woman was breastfeeding young children while drinking alcohol and walking around topless in her backyard.

“I once came in to leave my child for the day and there was literally a naked man who seemed to have passed out in the backyard, but I was in a hurry to get to work so I didn’t ask any questions,” another concerned parent explained.

Kuklinski was also arrested on suspicion of possession of suspected methamphetamine with intent to deliver, possession of heroin with intent to deliver, two counts of possession of a controlled substance and was cited on suspicion of child abuse.

Columbus police said the 63-year-old woman ran several different ads on Craigslist, where she offered daycare services as well as escort services and sold drugs online.

If convicted, Kuklinski faces a minimum sentence of three months and up to 1,067 years in jail according to legal experts.

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