500-pound man spread coronavirus to 372 passengers after wet farting in airplane on flight to Cancun

An Illinois man has accidentally infected over 300 passengers with the coronavirus while on a flight to Cancun.

Henry Collins, 42, was on a flight towards Cancun when he was unexpectedly hit by what he describes as “extreme diarrhea” which was later identified as COVID-19.

Collins who already suffers from chronic flatulence due to his morbid obesity claims he had no control over his diarrhea which spread accidentally onto several passengers.

“I panicked and was forced to defecate in the middle of the hallway next to other passengers because I knew I would not make it to the bathroom in time” Henry Collins admitted to reporters.

Henry Collins, 42, who is presently hospitalized at Mexico City’s Santa Maria Madre de Dio Hospital says he is profoundly sorry for all the people he accidentally spread diarrhea onto and for all the passengers he has contaminated with COVID-19.

“He pulled his pants down next to me and diarrhea went flying six feet up in the air, spraying maybe 30 or 40 passengers. It is the most horrific thing I have ever seen in my entire life,” one hospitalized passenger told reporters in tears.

Collins was rapidly helped by three flight attendants who had to wipe his body clean because he was unable to do so by himself before being secluded to the bathroom for several hours after the incident.

“I’ve been to war-torn Iraq and Afghanistan. I’ve seen people blown up and shred to pieces. But I was not prepared for this,” one army veteran admitted to reporters, still visibly traumatized.

After several passengers were diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, American Airlines said it would offer psychological help free of charge to all of its passengers and flight attendants who attended the flight.

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