14-year old student builds an Atomic bomb as a science project

As North Korea’s nuclear program is drawing a lot of attention and causing tension among the world’s superpowers, a teenager from Concord in New Hampshire has created 45-kiloton atomic bomb for her school’s science fair.

14-year old Kathryn Simmons is one of the 137 students who were participating this week, in this year’s New Hampshire State Junior Science Fair.

Daughter of a Marine Captain and an aeronautic engineer, she decided to present a complete A-bomb as her project in order to “show people that these things aren’t so dangerous”.

“Atomic bombs haven’t killed nearly as many people as cars or cigarettes, yet people have strong prejudices against them.” 

She says building a bomb is hardly more complicated and dangerous than building a dishwasher.

“My parents helped me a little bit, but I did most of the work. I worked over 200 hours on it, but it’s complete and functional.”

She hopes that her bomb will show people that atomic bombs are “simple machines like any others” and help the public be less afraid of nuclear weapons.

Kathryn's science teacher, Ronald Terrence, says he's impressed by what she was able to accomplish with the materials that she found at the hardware stor.

Kathryn’s science teacher, Ronald Terrence, says he’s impressed by what she was able to accomplish with the materials that she found at the hardware store.

Despite numerous critics from parents and teachers alike, Kathryn Simmons’ project earned the first place in the New Hampshire State Science Fair.

Her A-bomb will now be presented during the National Junior Science Fair, which will be held in Denver, in January.

A few organizations, including Greenpeace, have announced their intentions to disturb the event if her “weapon” is exhibited.

Despite these threats, Kathryn says she’s determined to “be in Denver and win.”

This isn’t the first time that a controversial school project stirs a controversy in the United States.

In 2011, a 15-year old student from Alabama was expelled from school after projecting to clone himself.

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  1. She is intelligent, that I do not doubt, but she LACKS WISDOM. There is a reason why we are against nuclear weapons; it could cause massive destruction that would be difficult to repair and could literally kill millions in a single attack. A weapon with such power couldn’t be seen as an ordinary weapon, and it is correct to fear it, lest we would consider it normal to use such weapon against each other.
    It may be simple in construction, but you can’t say that its functionality is as simple as a dishwasher or as a dryer. Superpower nations actually use nuclear weapons as deterrent against each other, so by no means it is a simple machine.

  2. What about that little boy who built a clock and was arrested for it! This girl builds an actual bomb and gets a medal?

  3. Isn’t this act of terrorism. I mean if she can do it and get away with it can I make one and not get sent to prison…

    • Yes, unless you detonate the bomb and kill thousands of people, then it’s not ok.

  4. Is it a working bomb. Can it explode??
    where did u get the radioactive metals from!?
    Anyways good luck for your presentation in Denver.
    Hope you win it.

  5. Awesome. Incredible. Goodluck. Go Win in Denver

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