101-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth After Successful Ovary Transplant

ITALY | Anatolia Vertadella, a 101-year-old Italian woman, has given birth to a 9-pound baby after a controversial ovary transplant widely criticized by medical professionals because of her advanced age, reports the Rivista Napoli.

The illegal and controversial surgical operation was done in a private clinic in Turkey, where European laws on ovary transplants do not apply, admits the centennial mother who does not wish to disclose the name of the clinic where the operation was undertaken.

“I am very grateful to all the team of doctors who decided to go on with the operation,” she admitted in tears.

« I am so grateful to have given birth to my 17th child. This is a true blessing and a testament to the power of the creator »

– Anatolia Vertadella, 101-year-old

“For so long I have felt useless to God, I could not procreate since I turned 48 years old when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. For a long time I believed God was punishing me for only bearing 16 children, but in his godly generosity, he has granted me with fertility once again,” acknowledges the century-old fervent Catholic.


Dr. Alexandro Popolicchi fully endorses the controversial ovary transplant, which is deemed illegal under European health laws, and which was undertaken in a private clinic in Turkey where such laws do not apply

God’s gift

Although he admits the procedure is highly controversial, Dr. Popolicchi believes the ultimate decision was up to his patient to make.

“Who am I to judge if it is the proper thing to do? She has given birth to a beautiful baby and this miraculous birth is definitely a gift from God!” he told reporters.

“The operation was completely legal in Turkey and undertaken by a handful of expert surgeons. The lady is in great health for her age and I predict she has still many good years in front of her to share with her child” he added.

“So many children are born in this world unwanted or by accident. Is it not a beautiful thing to know this child comes to life in a loving home?” he asked reporters.

An anonymous father

Although Miss Vertadella’s husband has passed away since 1998, the century-old widow has managed to find a sperm donor to make the birth possible.

“I met Francesco’s father on the internet while trying to find a father to my child. This 26-year-old man is a Catholic and that is all that is important to me. I wanted my child to be born in a union sanctified by the Catholic church” she explained.

“I know we are not married and that he will not play a part in Francesco’s life, but I have written to the pope to ask for his absolution. I have also named my child after the pope in his honor and so I believe he should find a place in his heart to forgive me in this particular situation” she added with a prayer.

“I still love my deceased husband and desire to stay a widow until I leave this earth, but I needed the seed of this young fervent Catholic to fulfill God’s will,” she concluded.


Malegwale Ramokgopa allegedly gave birth to her 25th and 26th child in 1931 at the venerable age of 92

The world’s oldest mother was previously believed to be Malegwale Ramokgopa, a woman born in South Africa in 1839 who allegedly gave birth to twins three days after celebrating her 92nd anniversary on October 3, 1931, which made nation-wide headlines at the time.

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  1. I always wanted to get married and have a family. I am from a broken family.
    However, things did not workout in due time for my husband and me. Guess what although I have gone passed age; For some strange faith we still have the desire to do so.
    Say what you want but orphans can happen at any age. My father’s mother raised me in my early years due to a horrible divorce of my parents. She said she was glad she was able to do it.
    People are fighting and achieving all kind of desire. Well to un-pause and give birth after age is desirable and possible as we have been witnessing. “Different strokes for different folks”

  2. Main Shabbir | April 9, 2016 at 11:21 pm | Reply

    It’s amazing but I think that it’s did for world record.

  3. Think about this…This woman was born in 1915 most likely started having her children by 18 if not sooner her oldest child is most likely 83 and the youngest is most likely 66. Remember she has 16 other children! Now if she did this because one of her grandchildren or great grand child couldn’t have kids that is great and very selfless on her part otherwise one of her grand children will be raising this baby.

  4. This is pure greed and selfishness. Greed for money from the doctor and selfishness from the babies mother. Neither have thought of the babies emotional and mental health from having to lose the mother who will not live long enough to support him at least a third of his life. The baby will become a child who is an orphan. This is incredible and incredibly sad!
    (I assumed the baby male due to being named after the male pope)

    • Don’t worry about the baby. I suspect the old woman may actually be an atheist in which case it is likely she will eat it before she dies.

    • You forgot that Boy will have a siblings, and good catholics will take care their own.

  5. God’s will? She has brought a child into the world that she is incapable of caring for and will be an orphan at any time and she calls this God’s will!!! This world is not only crazy it is selfish.

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