World’s largest fossilized dinosaur penis unearthed in South Africa

dinosaur penis

South African paleontologists from the University of Witwatersrand have uncovered what could be the remains of the fossilized genitals of a Brontosaurus.

It could be the largest fossilized specimen of the reproductive organ of this species of diplodocids that roamed the earth over 145,000,000 years ago ever to be found, believe experts.

“It is so impressive to stand before this humongous dinosaur phallus and just imagining the sheer size of it in real life is mind-blowing”, admits paleontologist Nicolaas De Beer at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.

“The massive organ could span up to 9 meters or 27 feet in length when in full erection,” he adds.

The relatively good condition of the specimen has puzzled scientists that believe the organs might have been stuck in some sort of giant prehistoric tree at the time in a low-oxygen environment.

brono penis

The fossilized genitals are thought to have belonged to a brontosaurus, a giant herbivore that lived in parts of Africa during the late Jurassic period, between 160 million and 145 million years ago

A deadly mating apparatus

Some experts even believe the enormous size of the genitals could deal a lethal blow to female Brontosaurus who “were not the good fit.”

“We’re talking about a massive organ that could create internal bleeding when penetrating a female subject of the same species that was ‘too tight’ to cope with the enormous piece of meat that is estimated to have weighed up to 3 tons,” explains paleobiologist Anna Suzman.

“Just by measuring the size of the testicles, we can estimate that each ejaculation could unleash a load of over 20 gallons of sperm, the equivalent of a modern-day backyard pool” she adds.

In 2008, paleontologists at the University of Nebraska discovered the fossilized remains of the external sex organs of a female apatosaurus, a species linked to the diplodocid family as well.

The dinosaur’s vulva showed an impressive 3 meter-long pudendal slit when measured at the time and its impressive clitoris could have spanned up to one meter or 3 feet, believe experts.

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