Woman claims she is the daughter of Marilyn Monroe and JFK


Burbank, California| A 53-year old woman has presented a paternity action lawsuit this morning before the California state court, alleging that she is the biological daughter of Marilyn Monroe and former President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Gladys Baker Morris spent most of her life believing that Marilyn Monroe’s cousin, Meredith Baker, was her biological mother.  In March 2014, while on her deathbed, her “mother” told her that she had actually been adopted, and that her biological parents were incredibly famous.

“My mother confessed to me on her deathbed, that my real mother was in fact, Marilyn Monroe,” Ms. Morris told reporters. “She told me that Marilyn was afraid that the Kennedy brothers would have her and her baby killed if they learned of her pregnancy, so my mother had given birth in secret and hidden me away as soon as I was born.”

After hearing her mother’s confession, Ms. Morris underwent a lot of research to clarify her origins, and rapidly found out that she had indeed been adopted.

In took a total of 18 months of legal proceedings, however, before she was finally able to obtain her adoption record, including her birth certificate.

This amazing document, which has become the cornerstone of her legal claim, clearly states that she is the daughter of Norma Jeane Mortenson, better known as Marilyn Monroe, and of the assassinated U.S. President, Jonh F. Kennedy.


Marilyn Monroe and President John Fitzgerald Kennedy are known to have had an affair in 1961-62, and Ms. Morris claims she was born from that extramarital relationship.

More than 50 years after her death, stories concerning Marilyn Monroe’s love life or alleged pregnancies continue to regularly make the headlines.

Two ill-fated pregnancies in 1957 and 1959 are known to have lead the actress to have surgery to correct an ectopic pregnancy.

Some persistent rumors, originating from her gynecologist, Dr. Leon Krohn, have suggested that Marilyn Monroe had become pregnant again in 1961, and given birth to a baby girl in June 1962.

There has always been very little evidence to back these allegations, however,  and many people hope that the court procedures launched by Ms. Morris will finally bring an end to more than 50 years of speculation, concerning the existence and identity of this mysterious child.


In 2008, a Californian woman named Nancy Maniscalco Miracle, made the headlines by claiming to be the lost daughter of Marilyn Monroe, while releasing a controversial biography of the star. Her claims were rapidly dismissed and proven to be a publicity stunt, when the DNA test confirmed that she had no filiation with the star, whatsoever.

Gladys Baker Morris must now wait for the results of the DNA tests, before she can launch any lawsuits to claim any eventual heirloom.

If her claims turn out to be true, she could the only natural heir to the estate of Marilyn Monroe, which is estimated to be worth more than $100 million and still makes more than $5M each year.

Indeed, she confirms that she intends to sue the Marilyn Monroe Foundation over rights and royalties, once the DNA test confirms her identity.

She also hopes to be able to meet and possibly develop a relationship with her estranged half-sister, United States ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy.


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  1. Sandra Sharlein | April 3, 2017 at 4:40 pm | Reply

    I sure hope she is I would love it. Also hope there are grandchildren.

  2. Greedy Greedy Greedy….I hope she is not her daughter just to be disappointed.i bet she has made good plans for the money. But I wonder if she will be allowed to inherit all that wealth. Then she might start an attack on her fathers side saying she deserves her share. Lmao Greedy Greedy Greedy

  3. And this is news 3 years later because?

  4. So who currently profits from M. Monroe’s estate?

  5. So big deal…what else is new with the rich and famous…..I’m surprised JFK didn’t truly have quite a few illigamate children lol from his many laisons…

  6. Trish, she actually died August 5, 1962

  7. I think people get so upset because it hurts to know secrets are kept. Get use to it America. The wools been pulled over for years.

  8. WTH? Monroe died in 1961.

  9. Of course she will have some snacks of MM she is related to her by her sister, but won’t pass being part Kennedy

  10. She looks like Marilyn?

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