USA: Hunters Find Bullets from American Civil War in 185-Year Old Alligator’s Hide


Vicksburg| A group of Mississippi hunters who shot and killed an alligator weighting 910 pounds (413 kilograms) on Sunday, were amazed when they discovered that the animal already bore injuries caused by musket ammunitions from the Civil War era. A total of 9 spherical projectiles was found, and the various tests and analysis realized on them have confirmed that they were indeed fired at the animal in the 19th Century.

Nine of the wounds on the animal are believed to have been caused by Enfield Pattern 1853 rifle-muskets. These old injuries were concentrated around the animals tail and hind legs, suggesting that the reptile could have possibly been used as a target for shooting practise by Confederate troops.

The huge animal also bore five other bullet wounds from three different calibers of hunting rifles, as well as many dents and scars, which shows that it survived many firearm injuries in the past. It did not however, survive the six .50-caliber bullets fired at him by the group of amateur hunters from Jackson, who were finally able to take it down.

The bullets were confirmed as authentic musket ammunitions from between 1850 and 1870.

The bullets were confirmed as authentic musket ammunitions from between 1850 and 1870.

This incredible animal specimen brings a whole new perspective on this large crocodilian reptile endemic to the southeastern United States. American alligators have been known for years to live well over 50 years and were thought capable of possibly living as long as 70 of 80 years, but this unique specimen was estimated to have been 185 years old at the time of its death.

Other reptiles like turtles, have been known to have lifespans of over 150 years, but it is the first specimen of crocodilian of such an old age ever found. It is also one of the biggest alligators ever killed in the United States. The heaviest ever recorded, weighing in at a staggering 1,011.5 lbs, was pulled out of a river in Alabama in August of this year.


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  1. Thats sad, he wasn’t doing nothing but minding his own business! That gator didn’t get that old by playing around in public or chasing little kids….and they gotta shoot it like it was attacking their young!! I hope they see these comments and think twice before going off and shooting everything that moves…..damn amateurs, now what they gonna do with it? Somebody needs to slap them smiles off their faces!!

    • Shayne Westmoreland | November 29, 2014 at 3:40 pm |

      or if it were legal to get away with i could just permanently carve their smiles into their throats…

    • Michelle Broussard | November 29, 2014 at 6:52 pm |

      This creature could only be hunted like this out of season if it had become a nuisance…People you need to do your research before you cast stones. These animals sometimes begin to stalk children or pets and have to be hunted.

    • So seriously, it’s ok to say we should kill that person because he killed… an animal? A dangerous animal?? How do you know it wasn’t a menace? One thing humans can do that animals don’t do is killing PREDATORS to protect PREY. Fuckin idiots… glad it’s ok to kill humans but not animals.

    • Shanya…Go on down there, nothing but fear and these people just how tough you are. Frickin hypocrite.

    • Kjcottonwood | November 30, 2014 at 9:09 pm |

      Shayne Westmoreland, you would actually carve their smiles in their throats? shows what you think of people, now that’s pathetic.

    • Would you feel the same if you knew this monster ate a 4 year old child back in 1887 and took the arm off another 8 year old in 1922?

    • I am sure these good ‘ol boys are very happy with their kill. pitiful.

  2. and out come the bleeding heart liberals that eat meat yet condemn hunting

    • Just say bleeding hearts, do not add liberal to that. All liberals are not bleeding hearts. Careful with your labels.

    • Liberal? I hunt. I raise chickens. I butcher them. Liberal has nothing to do with being, or not being a hunter or someone who eats red meat.

  3. So sad this guy had to die this way, he lived such a long life and he had to be taken out by a bunch of guns.

    • as opposed to be taken…by wrestling him into submission?

    • Or die of natural causes and rot in a swamp somewhere. Leave the Hunters alone and go get your meat off a Styrofoam tray.

    • LOL the comments!! I wonder if all those bleeding hearts would be so distressed at this beasts death if there was a way to calculate how many peoples pets and livestock and maybe even people this thing ate in its life. I would say multiple GSW spanning centuries would indicate this guy has been a trouble maker.

    • it is sad–been through so much & lived so long & then some ignorant rednecks have to kill it for fun.

  4. Gosh, those are such manly men! Very sporting to shoot it six times with 50 caliber ammo. I bet that added a whole six inches to certain areas of their anatomy. Start eating boys-responsible hunters eat what they kill right? I imagine 185 year old meat is just YUMMY!

  5. Everything in it’s time. A great boon to science.

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