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USA: Giant House Cat Now Available on Market

January 27th, 2014 | by Barbara Johnson
USA: Giant House Cat Now Available on Market

California| The american biogenetic corporation GenLab Technology, have announced this morning that they had finally received all governmental accreditations to begin marketing their new creation, the MegaCat.

This newly designed genetical creation is very similar in shape and behavior to a regular domestic cat, except the fact that it reaches more than 3 meters in height and 6 meters in lenght. The size of the litter box it uses is very impressive, being the size of an average garage. Adult specimens are also expected to eat between 40 and 50 kilograms of food a day, making it a rather expansive pet.

«It is the ideal house or appartment companion for every family» explains company spokesperson, Jim Weatherspoon. «It’s a lots less flimsy than your usual cat. I mean that’s a “manly” cat. I will chase your pickup truck around the street and play with it like it’s a mouse. Who wouldn’t love that!»

The first specimens to be marketed should be available in pet shops across the United States at the beginning of next month, but as the demand is impressive, customers should preorder theirs at the company if they want to be certain to get one.


  1. shashi says:

    hehehehe. you guys are so funny. i love this site! some good humurous stuff…

  2. randy says:

    wouldn’t want to clean that litter box!

  3. Michael says:

    Hey, who wouldn’t like to have a 6 metre long predator in his house? Especially if it’s the kind that likes to play with its prey prior to killing it …

  4. vikas k jha says:

    Have never seen such a big ‘pussy’ ;)

  5. Holden says:

    This mignt keep the squirrels away.

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